Let’s All Write a Book | Chapter 2 – Part 1

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 😀

It’s time to start chapter 2!!!! 😀 Without further a do let’s go to the rules (I changed them a little bit):

  1. Copy the post you’ve been tagged from the rules down (with the links)
  2. Go here and read the rules
  3. Write your name and link it to one of your posts (The main character is called NoGender, and as the name indicates, does not have a gender, so if you want to speak in the third person use the word “it”)
  4. Write your paragraph (max 300 words with 100 words margin, so basically you can go further until 400)
  5. Tag someone’s post who wasn’t tagged before and say the following rule in the same phrase “You have 3 days to accept this tag”
  6. If the person you tagged doesn’t answer or doesn’t want to participate tag other person (again, tag a post and not a page)
  7. Write the Title “Let’s All Write a Book | Chapter 2 | Part X”,  being X your paragraph
  8. If you are writing Part 10 link it to Arthifis again
  9. Copy and paste at the end of your post all the people who have already been tagged in chapter 1, unless it says the contrary you can’t tag them again;
  10. People who said they want to be tagged again, if you do get tagged and write a part for this chapter delete the part where it says that you want to be tagged again in the list, the idea is to have only one tag for each chapter.
  11. To read Chapter 1 go here

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Sunshine Blog Award | Shine Bright Like a Sunshine!

Hi guys and welcome to our place! 😀

It seems I was yet again nominated in the Sunshine Blogger Award! I just can’t write how honored I feel! I mean, people really seem to believe that I bright their days somehow and that… That is just awesome and really makes me happy and feel that my blog is having a purpose more than just let me rant about the things I want xD

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Fantasy Characters

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

Can I have a round of applauses to our guest Mel? — Thank you!

Hi!! Everyone happy to be here with you at Arthis’ Place!!

So Mel? Do you like your guest room? Do you have enough body pillows? If we need something just ask ok? 😀

Humm I could have one or two more XD (say no more! Next week you will have them!)

We continue with our collab today!!! Let’s continue being perverted together Mel! By the way! If you still didn’t read, you can go to Mel’s post where we talked about our crushes from sport animes! Expect some athletic guys over there!

In my place we will be discussing Anime Crushes from the Fantasy genre

Fantasy Anime Male Characters
It’s something link this… Right?

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Horror April | Silent Hill Review, The Lost Daughter

Hi guys and welcome to our place! 😀

We continue with the Horror April today! Las week I talked about one of my favorites when it comes to Horror – Until Dawn – If you want to read my review you can do it here! Now, let’s jump into this Playstation 1 gem!

Silent Hill

Silent Hill 1 Review.jpg

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Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Electricity vs Air

The second shot was heard throughout the arena! It seemed that the contestants were dropping like flies and in fact… They were!

Naruto had found a small cascade in the middle of the woods, relaxing enough to be able to call the nature power around him to his chakra. It had been an hour since he had sat on the rock in the middle of the small pond and already 3 of his shadows had been destroyed. He knew that the first one too fall had been Excalibur. However, he wasn’t certain about the second one. Although if he had to bet he would do it on Killua.

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It Seems that People Continue Thinking I’m Lovely! <3

Hi everyone and welcome to our place!

So, last week I wasn’t able to write the Award Monday due to my heavy schedule and I was already releasing my collab with the wonderful Mel. However, a week has past and it’s time to go for it again! 😀

This time is the Lovely Blogger Award! And I was nominated by the wonderful and lovely Keiko! Keiko’s blog is just lovely and I can completely understand why she was nominated in the first place! If you are looking for a place of awesome Anime reviews, episodic reviews and all of the sort this is the place for you! 😀

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Support Characters

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 😀

Welcome to the first day of the Anime Men challenge greatest collab ever! And when I say first day, I say it like in my blog since we also just published in Mel’s blog our First Anime Crush *blush* You guys… I was just a boy *blush* Either way, you can read it here! Why don’t you take advantage of that and just follow her! We all know that you love Anime hot guys and that is the hottest place In WordPress town you know?

So, here, in my place we will be discussing *role drum*

Support Male Crush

support male character.png
There are many ways of support!

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Horror April | Until Dawn, The Butterfly Effect

Hi guys and welcome to our place!

Spring has settled in Portugal! We are having sunny days and already changed the hour which means daylight until 8p.m.!! With so much light out there right now and having the need to have a new series for the gaming section of course the first thing it came to my head was, let review some HORROR games! It makes completely sense you guys! 😀 Just kidding, actually I’ve just finished Resident Evil 7 (I only need to finish it on madhouse to get the last PS4 trophies) and I thought… Why not speak only about horror games this month?

Horror April Logic.gif
That’s how I roll

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Big… Small… Ok! MEDIUM Life Update – Semi-Hiatus & Secret Project Revealed

Hey everyone and welcome to our place!

You probably already have sensed that I’ve not been as active as usual reading, liking and commenting your awesome posts! Well, this post is just to explain what is happening at the moment and I thought it was better to say that I’m going in a semi-hiatus 😀

cruise Anime.gif
Is it just me that always pictured going on a hiatus is like doing a cruise?

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The Hunger Games: Anime Edition | Assassin vs. Mad Scientist

Rintaro was walking down a forest path when he heard. The first cannon-shot. “Well, at least I am not the first one going down…” he thought to himself.

Rintaro knew he was in disadvantage against his opponents. He didn’t have any kind of superpower and although smart, he knew that Lelouch war strategy was way better than his. The only thing he had was a mobile phone that he found in his lab coat’s pocket. It wasn’t his phone though. It only had one number with name “me” and one message saying “You don’t need a microwave for this one”. Probably the mastermind had put the phone in his pocked while he was knocked out and he knew well what that message was meant to be and he was certain that he was the only one understanding the message inside that arena.

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