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The start of my top10 anime!

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So today I was thinking to write you my top 10 animes of all time! Wow, such originality! I know! Since this is my first “official” post about the theme I thought that would be the best way to present me as an anime viewer 🙂 However, when I started writing I realized that there is more to tell about an anime that I thought and if I write about 10 animes this post would be really long, linke 4-5 pages long and let’s face it! Ain’t nobody got time for that or so they say 🙂
This way I will upload posts with all the 10 animes, probably one post for anime (since they are the ones I prefer and have a special care for I really want to make a good structured review. I’m going to start from the tenth and then go all the way to the first! Have to make you interested so you come back to view at least the first place 😉
Let me just say, this is my own opinion and my list, which means animes you think that are better than mine may not appear. I invite you to share your opinion! Coment down below your top 10 and why did you pick that order (or the tenth and then come back to comment in every post to show you your top, little me grieving for comments ;)) I am always trying to find new anime to see and this would be a good way to find some new pretty damn good animes 🙂

So which anime is in my tenth position? Naruto!!! (Again originality is with me! But I swear it is the only “mainstream” anime in my list, or at least so mainstream)

Why is it here? Well I think everyone knows Naruto (or Naruto Shippuden for that matter) and it really doesn’t need an introduction. I think we all agree that it is a good anime, even if you like the anime or not you need to have a really good entertaining product to exist for a decade (or even more, I don’t know the exact years and I am too lazy to google it – ok to be truthfull I am in the train right now without internet, my phone is almost death and you know that you need to save that battery!). Now why is Naruto in the list and you will not see One Piece, or Bleach, or Fairy Tail, or other anime that you put in this basket of animes who doesn’t seem to end and there is always material for it? Well, probably because it was the one I started to watch when I was like 14 years old and ended it this year (with 24). For me, It was that kind of shows that I grew up like Friends for example.

Now you may asking to yourself, well if it was so much time of your life why did you put only in tenth? Well, let’s be real for a second, we all know that Naruto ended up turning to a show where many of the episodes where there to sell (what we call the fillers). Did I watched all the episodes? No! I mean, for the Naruto series I watched every each of one, but in that time I was younger and it didn’t have to have a huge plot for me to like it, you could put an episode which the main objective for the ones who are present is to get a certain bug which will lead you to the major objective to the series at that time (finding Sasuke) and then at the final Naruto farts and the bug stays with his but for all eternity… I mean it is funny! If you put a couple of those in a huge series it is even good for you to take out the mind of the main plot and relax a bit, but the amount of them are jut to great! In Naruto Shippuden I didn’t see all fillers, I am sorry but I don’t want to see a full season of episodes of the back story of a character which is almost a third character than a second character. This way I could not put it mor high in the ladder. I mean cutting parts of the story where you are in the most epic part to put fillers is just plain wrong. This only makes your viewers to start to get angry and stop viewing the anime…

However, by looking in the internet all the arcs and where the fillers started and ended I was able to see the parts I wanted to see and the main story… Although it took 10 freaking years!!!! TEN! sorry… sorry it seems I am still a little butthurt because of that. Basically the main story is really good, I like also the part that the antagonists always have a reason for being bad and to try to destroy the world or do a certain thing (Yes, I hate characters who are bad because, well they are bad. They were born that way and that’s what there is for the character). I loved the characters and, mainly, the evolution of them (yes Sakura included).

Basically Naruto made part of 10 years of my life, I’ve grown while watching the show and I have a special care for this show that I don’t have for any other because of that. The story is not bad either and I like the characters and the animation. I also like the music which made me feel more excited, sadder, or happier, or other feeling at the right moments. However, for me it was a total bummer the amount of fillers they inserted just to sell more… If you need to let the manga go do what Fairy Tail did, stop the anime and restart it again when you have content, not putting everything that showed in the manga even though is not relevant what so ever… Sorry, as I said, still butthurted…

Well guys and this in my pick for the 10th place, hope you liked the review. Please comment down below where should I improve to do better reviews (except taste!) and please I will be glad to read which are your picks for your favourite animes!

See ya! 🙂

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