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Videogame Number 9 – Final Fantasy XII

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 🙂

Today I’m going to continue the top 10 videogames!! So, my 9th favorite game is Final Fantasy XII (Well… You already knew that by the title!)


I think everyone knows about Final Fantasy XII, or more recently Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age. But for the ones who don’t know (like the 0,01%) FF12 is an RPG, developed by Square Enix and considered one of the best games for PS2.

So why do I like FF12? First of all the world! For the time it came out to PS2 it was completely mindblowing for me the space you had to explore, the differences between each map where you have desert, snow, rain, forests (Eruyt Village continues to be one of my favourite towns) and the environment that you get by matching these so detailed designed maps with the music is just breath taking.


Talking about music, the music is just outstanding. I mean, there are only a few games which you hear all music from every map and like them all! I still hear it on Youtube when I’m doing something where I need to be focused.

However it is not only about the maps and the music, the architecture in the game is also one of the best I’ve seen so far in the Final Fantasy series (at least from the ones I played).


Now, FF12 was the game where Square Enix stopped using the formula of entering in battle, do the battle and then coming out. You enter the game and, for the first time ever, you see the monsters running from one place to another and eating each other, which for the time it came out made my jaw drop! This new concept also really improved the gameplay a lot. I remember that, at the time there were some people against it, but in the end everyone agreed that it was far better than before.


Other thing it made me fall in love with the game was all the things you needed to do to master it. (I mean it’s not Skyrim, or Witcher 3), but at the time, having the possibility to fight marks in between the story (which were difficult), hidden map areas, complete the hunter’s den and things like that really made the game more enjoyable for me. The fight I preferred was, without a doubt, Gilgamesh, but I think it was mainly because of the music! It’s one of my favorite OSTs from the Final Fantasy series – Clash on the Big Bridge (which for the hardcore FF series fans know that it is original from the FFV).

Now taking apart the maps, gameplay and music. The thing I still didn’t talk was about the characters/story… Well, I think the story is more mature than the other games. It’s about taking revenge, it’s not about saving the world, or saving a loved one, there is no explicit romance and there is no “and they lived happily forever”. However, now that I am older and I am playing the remaster for the PS4 I see myself enjoying the story a lot more! The characters are likeable, I love Fran and Balthier relationship, and although there is no explicit romance between the characters, the story is really good.

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About the Zodiac Age… the remaster for PS4. I think it is a must play. The remaster is really well done, and if the graphics were mindblowing at the time, you have the opportunity to play it with even better graphics. The work they did in the music is also good, although you can choose to have the original music. Basically I’m replaying a game which I’ve already played at least 3 times and I’m loving it!!!! The only thing I do not like is the new license boards, I love to play with all characters and this way I always use the same party for bosses and late game. Also, having licences which make the character stronger (which you don’t need to be a genius to use the strategy to buy them the earliest you can) makes the game easier. Apart from that, the remaster is really well done and I strongly advise you to try it.

But, the game that is 9 in my list is the original one. Why you ask? Because it was a disruptive game in the rpg genre and in PS2. The game made me completely surprised with its brilliance. The remaster is still good, is still a must play for the fans of RPG, but, of course we already are accustomed to the good graphics and gameplay.

Well, and this is it! Do you agree with my thoughts? Please, comment below what you feel about this game! 😀

See ya soon! 🙂



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