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It’s Halloween!!

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So, Halloween was yesterday and I think it’s the perfect time to talk about some horror animes 😀 As you may know already, I’m a huge fan of horror and this way I think I have some nice suggestions for the ones who want to sat down in a dark room and jump with any unexpected sound 😛

Here is a little of Halloween OST to put you in the mood while you read the post 😛 (from a good tv series btw :D)


In my opinion the most important for a horror anime to succeed (as any kind of horror entertainment) is the environment. It’s important to build the atmosphere, make you sit in the tip of you chair waiting for something to happen. This way, the suggestions I am going to give you have this kind of characteristic. Other thing is, on contrary to other genres, if a horror anime is not well done I just stop watching.

Well, the first one is Another – It is in my Top10, so this one was a given xD if you want to read more about it go here to find my review of it.

Now to the new ones (the order does not mean anything)

Death Parade


This anime is about when 2 people die at the same they go to a kind of purgatory. This purgatory is a bar where they need to play a bar game against each other. Depending how the game unfolds one goes to heaven and other goes to hell. Let me give you one example, one of the games is playing darts. Easy right? Well, there is a twist, each number of the target combines with a different type of the body. Let’s say you hit the number that is related to the stomach, the other person will feel excruciating pain in the stomach. The anime is really fun to watch, I loved the idea of these kind of games and loved to see how people would play it!

highschool Of the Dead


I think this anime started before the fever of walking dead (yes it did, made some research and this aired in summer season of 2010, while walking dead started october 2010 :P). Basically, as you may already guessed it, this anime is about undead. One day, a zombie apocalypse starts and you follow a group of highschool students trying to survive. I liked this anime because of the pace and the ideas they had to have to survive. I mean, this happens in Japan, where people don’t have weapons all the time with them, so they had to improvise with what they had so they could escape. The only thing I don’t like is the ecchi part of it, (huge boobs, close frames and that sort of things) but hey! Everyone has their tastes! Although it had a huge impact and popularity in the States, it did not have the same in Japan, so, unfortunately, this anime only has a season 😦

Elfen Lied


Another anime which only had the opportunity of one season (although it was a huge success from what I read)… This one is about a girl who was transformed into a killing machine through experiments. The first episode shows her escaping the facility she was held. A boy happens to find her in the beach passed out and takes her home and they become friends without the boy realizing who she really is. Basically she transforms between a really cute girl to a killing machine with a smack in her head. If you like gore, this is the anime to watch. You are going to see many legs and arms flying over the place and blood everywhere. The anime already has 13 years (came out in 2004), but the animation is not one of those kind that are impossible to watch nowadays. The story, besides the gore, is also really good. The only thing sad is that there is no second season (although you can read the manga).

Mirai Nikki

Mirai nikki 01

This one is more a psychological than pure horror. There are a group of people who have powers within their mobile phones (all related to seeing the future in different ways) and they are all competing to be the next god. I recommend this one because of the story, it is written in a really intelligent way and there are some parts of it that made me think (Wait? What? Wtf? God how could he/she do something like that?)… So basically if you like plot twists and an anime with a huge psychological factor this one is a must xD

Soul Eater


I know, I know there is no horror in this one! Don’t hit me please >.< But, really do you know any other anime that screams more Halloween than Soul Eater? Although it is not horror, the animation seems to come from the haloween town. Soul Eater is about a world where you have some people who can transform themselves into weapons and others that can control them. Maka and Soul Eater (main characters) are one of those duos who are trying to make Soul Eater a death scythe, by collecting 99 pre-kishin souls and one of a witch. Of course then things start to complicate and then the world is in peril and no one can save it… Yes, it’s those kind of animes 😛 It’s not really my style of anime, but I enjoyed this one a lot. It’s a light story, perfect to relax for a bit and enjoy it. The main characteristic that really made me stuck to this anime was the animation and the characters 😀

Well and that’s all folks!


Hope you had an excellent Halloween and that you had a lot of fun! If you have more horror animes to add to this list, please comment down below! If you don’t, tell me if you are thinking in watching these animes! Well, just comment if you want to tell the world something! (Owo! Such engagement i’m doing!!!) xD

See ya Soon! 😀

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