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Videogame number 7 – Rift

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So today I bring you a free to play mmorpg! As you could see in the title, my 7th favourite videogame is Rift! This was the only RPG where I went trough all the game, got to lvl cap and continued playing without getting bored in the middle of it! 😀

What makes Rift so special you may ask? Well it has a combination of factors to be so good. First of all: IT IS NOT PAY TO WIN! (yeah, there are free to play mmorpgs like that Oo) Of course you have a shop, but the shop only sells cosmetics (clothing for example), cool pets and mounts (although the only thing new to what you can find in the game for free is the coolness, you can buy and find pets and mounts by the free way and it’s not that difficult) and convenience items (for example exp potions, bags, more slots to the bank and things like that). But, all the things that makes the difference you can find it in-game. For example, bags… You can have the profession that makes them (I had it and could build bags with the maximum slots available in the game) and you can find them in the auction house (people who build them like me would sell them to buy other things). So, basically you can have everything you need/have in a free way without having to pay it. NOW, I played this like 3 or 4 years ago, so I don’t really know if they changed it… But I think not.


Second reason is the story… I ‘m that kind of guy that plays a game because of the plot and normally there are no story (or at least a good one) in MMORPGS, well Rift has a story and it’s freaking well written. (Let’s not mention that I am having a hard time remembering it ok? xD) Basically, you have two factions, guardians and deviants, (which each one of them have different races… It’s like World of Warcraft) the first are sons of the gods, the second build machinery and do not follow gods (have you played FFX? Well it’s like Yevon and Al Bhed). So, from a start you have these factions going against each other, but they do have a common objective, defeating Regulos. And who is Regulos? Well, he’s the bad guy! He wants to destroy/conquer the world with the help of dragons and the rifts created by the bloodstorms. So, the premise is really not original, however it’s the writing and the towns story that really does the trick. Rift has an open world and you will be going map in map and each map is having problems because of Regulos. Let’s say for example, one of them is in a forest and there are many fire rifts opening and burning everything, then you are in a town being attacked by the undead… Well, it has everything! I really loved to follow each map story, the writing was excellent and it really has a story to follow trough (it’s not just “kill 10 of these”, “pick up 5 of those”, well you know the deal)…

About the environment… It is just so damn good! The game has some years now and although does not have those 2017 ps4 4k graphics they are pretty good! More than graphics, it’s the atmosphere the game transmit. For you to understand you will be in maps that are in forests, canyons, ice mountains, underwater, volcanic islands, I don’t know… You name it and it probably has a map like that. So basically is like going around the world without leaving your home! 😀 and all these different maps have the perfect atmosphere to transmit the kind of terrain you are! Let me tell you, even though it’s not a game made this year with 4k, the game is gorgeous.


The community is also good, it was the only game I really made an interest in the guild I was. I even went to in-game weddings LOL Normally I am that king of guy that enters guilds, talks a bit, but it’s not very active on it… Well, in Rift I even recruited when I was high level! The people are really friendly and they like to help, even if not in a guild. I remember trying to do a side quest which needed some other person to help me and no one was available in the guild at that moment so I shout to the area to see if there was someone to help me (again, not p2w, you can talk to the community without having to buy items or having a paid account) and 1 minute later I had someone inviting me to his party to help.

2015-12-23_181416 (2).jpg

If you are a “Complete everything in the game” freak like me, then you will love Rift. There are so many things to collect and complete! Really, you will never get out of things to do! I even installed an add-on in the game so I could see how many quests was I lacking in each map so I could receive the achievement of doing all quests! I don’t remember it all, but I know that you have many artifacts to collect. Upon completion you will receive items, titles and things like that.


Oh! I almost forgot to talk about the gameplay! >.< It’s a point and click mmorpg (it’s that how you say it?), not an action one like the latest mmorpgs (Tera for example). The skill system is also well done! I could explain you how it works, but I think the developers make a better job doing so:

Well… Really the best MMORPG I’ve played until today (Let’s say free, because I never played World of Warcraft or FF14… Ain’t nobody got money for that!).

That’s all for today folks! Do you have any mmorpgs suggestions? Please comment down below… I’m really trying to find a good mmorpg to play and I am not finding any that really makes me stuck to it 😦

See ya Soon! 😀


7 thoughts on “Videogame number 7 – Rift”

    1. I played Guild Wars 2! 😀 Really liked the collectives and the way you had the quests! (the hearts in the map) But the story wasn’t so good as Rift (in my opinion) 😛 I left when the expansion was coming out

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      1. Heart of thorns, yeah they’ve made it less grindy now. There’s a new living world season 4 coming out today, along with new fracs and raid wing. Just curious, what server were you on?. Hardly any of this lot play gw2. Funny thing is there are anime fans in that game xDD.

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      2. Really? I never felt it was too grinding… Rift was a lot harder to lvl than GW! Nice! It’s nice when mmorpgs continue to bring new things! It’s refreshing! To tell you the trth… I don’t rememeber. It’s beens some years now looool but probably of of the EU’s. How so? xD I always founf anime fans in every mmorpg I played (at least the ones I played to the point of entering a guild and talking to people xD)

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