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It’s Halloween!! Videogame Edition

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

Am I too late for this? Hope not :S Since I did a version for Anime I wanted to the same for videogames. When I started to come up with the idea for this blog I noticed something… For someone who states that is a horror lover I didn’t play many horror games in my life LOL And the ones I played or not really that good… I think this happens because the majority of horror games are in first person view and I am more a third person view kind of guy (being a rpg lover and all that). So, basically the majority of the games I will talk are games that I want to play. For these ones I didn’t play I’ll tell you why do I think they are good games and give you links for reviews of those games.

First let me just put you in the mood for some horror games, the main theme for the first game I am going to talk about:

Silent Hill

Now, this one I actually played!! I know it’s a series, but I am going to talk about Silent Hill 1 for PSX. No other game put me on the edge so much as Silent Hill. It’s a classic! Does the graphics are good? Well, not really! However, there is something about the atmosphere that makes you be in your maximum alert all the time. Let’s not talk about the other dimension where all walls are painted red with blood, or that you only have the visibility of 1 feet almost all the game. The story is not that original, you had an accident near Silent Hill, your daughter disappeared and you are looking for her. However, one positive point is all the hard puzzles you need to pass so you can continue with your journey (and remember you really don’t want to go out to find clues about the puzzle and comeback since it’s another journey of anxiety). Really, for the ones who played… How many hours of your life did you lost to find the correct answer for the piano puzzle? Gosh! Took me ages! (and you couldn’t just google it at that time). Well, if you like to be on the edge all the time, this is the game for you! 😀

Resident Evil


I’ve played all the games for PSX and Resident Evil 4 for PS2. I like the games. Do I believe they are masterpieces? Well… Not really… Do I got scared playing them… Not really… I think it’s a fun series to play. It has a lot of action and you will have zombies, gore and so on, which for me it is a plus! However, I never felt really scared with these games. One that I want to play is Resident Evil 7. I have heard so good comments about the game that I really want to try it! You can find a review about Resident Evil 7  at Resident Evil 7: ‘fleshing’ out a story — Later Levels

Until Dawn


Well, this one I am going to play it soon. Since I bought my ps4 that I am dying to have the opportunity to play it. Why do I want to play it so much? Well, it has to be because of your choices leading to know who survives and who dies. Basically I feel that the game puts you in a position that it’s like being in a horror movie! Now, you can read a review at Until Dawn Review — pennilessdads



This is another game I have been wanting to play for a long time… This one is mainly because of the story.. I’ve played a little of the first game from the series and it was about an underwater futuristic city where people could change they appearance to be perfect easily and take some kind of drug to live forever… Well from what I understood with the little I played that drug made people to lose their mind and it became a city of hell… I want to play it mainly because of the plot… From what I have read t talks about themes that makes you think a little bit about our society and where are we going… You can find a review at Bioshock Game Review — Gitopia – This Otaku Life of Mine

Alice Madness Returns


Now, this one is not a horror game, but it has a really Halloween feel about it. There is a first game of this, but I only played this one. Alice Madness Returns is a platform game where you follow Alice revisiting her memories about the fire that occurred in her house that killed all of her family. The main positive thing I have to tell you about this game is the environment. As you may already understood, the game is inspired in Alice in the Wonderland, although it a more dark Wonderland than what we remember. As a platformer, the game is pretty decent and fun to play and there are many things to collect to do 100% in the game. It’s a good game if you are looking for a platformer with a dark twist!

That’s all folks! What do you think of these games? Comment down below! If you have more horror games, please tell me, as you noticed I really need to start getting into them or I cannot call myself a horror lover 😛

See ya soon! 😀

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