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Videogame number 6 – Age of Mythology

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

Today I bring you one of the best RTS (Real Time Strategy) I ever played – Age of Mythology 😀 If you like greek, north, or egyptian mythology, this one is for you!

First things first, let me you explain why I love this game and what make it different from other games of the same genre… The story! As you may already understood I play the games mainly because of the plot and RTS’s are no different! In Age of Mythology you follow Arkantos (a son of the gods) from Atlantis (in the time it still existed in the surface and not on the bottom of the sea) around Europe and Africa. Along the story you will follow all types of stories coming from mythology. For example, in Greece you will fight in the Troy battle (well that’s not really mythology, but you understand what I’m trying to say), in the North you will fight the giants and in Egypt you will work your way around to summon Osiris. But these are just some examples, many other parts of mythology will appear. For the main plot, without giving away too much, you will be following the bad guy, called Gargarensis which is trying to open the tartarian gate to free Kronos, the king of the titans.

The gameplay is really similar to Age of Empires. The building construction is equal and you will have to go through all the ages until heroic age. Now, here you have a twist… First of all, you will have to follow a major god in the beginning (Greece you can follow Zeus, Poseidon or Hades, each one have their pros and cons) and when you advance to the next age you will have to choose between two minor gods that will give you completely different units and upgrades as also “god skills” (basically a spell that you can use only once that can be all sort of things). Moreover you will have the possibility to have myth beasts (of course) all coming from real mythology (for the greek you will find minotaurs, Pegasus, hydras etc). Basically you will have plenty to choose from and when you do the campaign, of course you will have to battle with all of them. I really like all the diversity you have. About the difficulty, you can choose the one you prefer (I think this was one of the few RTS I played until I was able to beat it in the hardest difficulty) and there are some levels that are really challenging even if you play in the normal level, basically you will have to put your brain working because the strategy you will be using will not always be the same (sometimes you need to build your army the quickest you can, other times it’s better for you to raise you defences first… You know the deal :P)


About the 3 different “societies” (I know that at the present you also have China, but I didn’t play it… Yet xD). All of them are completely different! Let’s start with gaining favor to build mythological creatures. For the greek you need to pray at the temple, for the Egyptians you need to build statues and for the north you will need to fight your way through to gain the favor from the gods. The building costs also are completely different (as also the units payment). For the Greeks you will need more or less all the resources and the units are not cheap. The egyptians are the ones that you will need fewer resources to build anything (the houses are free for example) and the units are also less expensive (and weaker of course). For the north since their building are majorly made from wood, you guessed it, you will need a lot of that resource. On contrary to the others factions, the units here can transform and the villagers cannot constructs, your army will. However, even though they are completely difference the game is really balanced (don’t know how they made that to happen so well).

About music/characters… First of all, even though the game is “old”, all characters are voiced and they are really well done! About the characters, you will find that you already know some of them. Why? Well they are characters from the mythology itself! One example is Odysseus from the greek campaign. About the music… Well, to give you an idea, I am hearing the OST’s right now so the memories come to me and I’m getting a real urge to go playing it again! I would say that the background music is really relaxing! I know it’s strange, but it feels so good hearing it while playing the game! Also, the themes really go well with the faction you are playing. Hear below the 3 different themes (It’s just one minute each xD):

So, in conclusion! There are 3 main factors that makes me love this game: The story! It is really well done and if you like mythology you will love it even more! The diversity! Playing with the 3 different factions is like playing a different game, the strategies need to be completely different! The music… I don’t know, it just makes the game really immersive and feel happy when you are playing it.

Now, if I am not mistaken, this game is from 2002, so playing it in our computers at this moment would be difficult, but do not despair my friend, there is a HD version of it now! You will be able to play it without thinking in compatibility problems!


That’s all for today folks! Sorry for all the videos, but I didn’t find any good images (But they are really small right? Right? :D)What do you think of this pick? Is it also one of your favorite games? If you never played are you thinking of giving it a try? Comment down below!

See ya soon! 😀

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