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Videogame number 5 – Final Fantasy X

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 🙂

Today I bring you a game that could be in the first position of my TOP, but due to some flaws in ended up in number 5 😛 The game as you already know is Final Fantasy X 😀


Let me start with the flaws that made this game go down the ladder and then I’ll tell you why does the game is still in the Top 10 and why I love him so much 😛 First of all I’m gonna start with the gameplay… Square Enix took a risk and tried to change a little bit the fights so you would need to use all the characters (No more just grinding your favorite ones xD). In Final Fantasy X each of the characters are best against a type of monster, which is cool! It makes you think and have a strategy… However it makes all the grinding and fighting boring (at least in my perspective)… You will be doing a lot of tags and changing all the characters in every fight so they all can receive exp which takes a lot more time than if you could just use 3 of them and then change the party to level the remaining characters. Secondly, the voice overs… I mean… Really Square Enix?? I know it was the first time you add voice overs and had an english dub (comment down below if I’m wrong) but still… There are games for the Playstation 1 with better dubs than this! There are so many cringy moments, but this one really gets the trophy! Really!!!! Look at this! (I know the quality sucks, but the important thing is to hear :P) It made me feel embarrassed and it is just a game!

Now let’s see the Japanese voice ok? One thing I don’t really understand is how didn’t they add the option of japanese dub in the remaster… It just makes me so mad! -.-”

Ok, now that I took that out of my system, let me explain why this game is so damn good, even with its flaws!

Let’s begin with the graphics shall we? It was the first final fantasy for the PS2 and it was that time where those graphics made everyone jaw drop! It was a great step from one system to another and Square Enix did it right! More than the graphics, the atmosphere, the music, all of them together just made some of the best cut scenes in all Final Fantasy series. Moreover, the passing from normal game to cut scene is just soooo smooth. One of my favorite is Yuna sending dance (i know that the videos do not have much quality, but I want to share the videos from the PS2 version, not the HD remaster):

Now, the story! This was the time Square Enix was still original and made astonishing scripts (yes, I’m looking at you Final Fantasy XV)… For me, this is the best story Square Enix wrote so far. Basically the story revolves around the main character Tidus which is sent from his own world to another one called Spira (which in the beginning you don’t understand if it is another world, or if you went back in time (or forwards)… In this world you have a powerful monster called Sin. From the Yevon teachings (yes they constructed a new religion from scratch) Sin appeared because people were becoming too technological and Sin was sent from the gods to punish everyone. Now, let me tell you, Sin does scare you! It’s enormous and you can’t do anything to stop him (way bigger than any weapon you could find in the final fantasy series) and he lurks below the water (which for me is enough to make something creepy and scary xD). Now, the way they have to stop Sin is to have summoners that kill him, well… Not kill hm… Sent him faraway for some time which is called “The Calm” and, of course after some years he appears again. Tidus ends up being one of Yuna’s guardian and he, Yuna and all of other guardians go in a pilgrimage so Yuna gets strong enough to kill Sin.


Let me tell you, this pilgrimage will be a huuuge trip… Without getting too much in the story for not giving you spoilers, there are many things happening in this trip. You will find the differences between two factions (All Bhed – technology and Yevon – Traditional) really well constructed. It’s those kind of things that are so well done that makes you think and see the parallel in the real world. Moreover, there are some plot twists that well… I wasn’t expecting it and they just happen the perfect timing! I cried in the end xD And for something to make me cry it is because it is really well written. They really did a good job building up the main plot and the main plot twists. Everything is really well explained and throughout the story you start to understand more and more about Spira and how things are done. (It helps having someone who is not from that world needing constant explaining xP)


Ah! And of course the romance…i know that Final Fantasy series normally have a romance, but I felt it was the first time you could really see the love building up and the first time I saw really affection demonstrations. Yuna and Tidus romance is so good because it is so natural! It just makes sense!


About the characters… I really love all of them (well, maybe I don’t love Kimahri)… But the best thing about them is their evolution… All of them change along the story, which makes sense right? If you take a trip around the world and start to know more about the good and the bad things about it you will change your personality without realizing, well in this case is the same 😀 And I must admit that I love the designs, mainly the clothing! I mean, A dress which the skirt part is made of belts??? Do you want better than that? Lulu it’s just too cool!


Well, in conclusion, it makes me a little sad that they did not change the dub in the HD remaster… I can bypass the gameplay part (I mean, Final Fantasy had that draw thingy and I loved it non the less), but the voices just are… Too bad :/ Sorry! However the story is just refreshing and really original! For me, it’s the best story I ever played in a final fantasy series and the romance between the characters are really heartwarming! Also, the character are really well designed and the cut scenes are breathtaking! I didn’t talk about the music, because… Well it’s a Final Fantasy, you know that the music will be always exceptional! 😀


So, what do you think of this pick? Have you played the game? What are your thoughts about it? If not, are you thinking of giving it a try? Comment down below!!! 😀

Just a reminder for the anime lovers: Yesterday I posted what I called Anime blogging party! Basically is a Facebook group for all the anime lovers talk to each other and if they are bloggers/cosplayers (dunno, anything you make with anime) share their work in a more focused community 😀 (at least you know you are posting exactly in front of the eyes of your target xD) You can find the post HERE!

See ya soon! 😀

6 thoughts on “Videogame number 5 – Final Fantasy X”

  1. I agree that this is the best story from a final fantasy. I haven’t played all of them, but of the ones I have played, this was the one where I just fell in love with the overall journey and the characters. THe game play has got some issues and there is a lot of grinding and swapping characters into fights just to say they were there, but I really enjoy revisiting this game every now and then because it is great to be in that world.

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