16 thoughts on “A small update and a BIG THANK YOU!”

  1. I’m not really active on Facebook, but I already joined your group and I hope that can be more active there in the future. By the way, a few (just a few) people said that my blog design is pretty good, and so I can help you with the blog design if you want. Of course, with a different theme and anything. (*I live in an internet cave now, because my laptop is in service so I need to find a new pc. But then people at work said I can get a week off, so here I am with quite a lot of spare time, and I glad if I can help.) 😏😏😏
    message me here: https://fb.me/nesha5971 or https://twitter.com/nesha5971.

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    1. Thanks a lot! 😀 tomorrow I am going to go trough all themes and start creating the idea for the design! Afterwards I will most probably come to you then eheh if there is something I can do for you just tell me 🙂

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