12 thoughts on “I’m an introvert! Why is there a problem with that?”

  1. I have never related to a blog post more than this one! 😄 I’m a real introvert and I honestly embrace it! It’s a part of my personality and even though I cannot do some things as easily as extroverts might do I can still do them and take pride in that! 😊 Introverts are awesome!

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  2. Well, one thing you don’t have to worry about is that this post bothered me: it did not 😀 And to make things even more clear : I am a 100% introvert as well. I definitely can relate. I listen a lot, especially lately with a very good friend of mine who is going through some very hard stuff 😊 The problem is that I sometimes listen too well, and it affects my mood. Which is definitely a thing that has been going on a lot lately with my friend. Still though, I’m not in any way saying it’s a problem being an introvert. In fact I’m proud to be one. Cool post: and as you can see: you are not the only one 😀

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    1. Makes me happy to know that you liked the post! Yeah I know right? I am the same way! But with time we learn to live more our lives and not let the problems of other to make our day a bad one! It is important for us to be well to be able to help other people 🙂 yeah when I tell about myself is because I know that there are different types of introverts xD

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  3. So what if you don’t get your energy from other people or by being alone? I certainly never seem to have any :/

    Seriously though, I’ve always considered myself to be an introvert, but that might not be the right description. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle and tend to have extreme drifts into either from time to time. I may be hikikomori right now, but a total socialite next month. Sometimes I’m fueled by anger and other times I value the ability to stay calm. I can kind of see both sides to any argument, or I can’t relate at all.

    Maybe I’m broken lol. Still this post was food for thought.

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    1. I’m glad it made you think! :3 that was the idea eheh well everyone is different and there are many Grey areas not only black and white xD I know that I am an introvert to the bone because even though I am really social I know that I spend a week in a row with some time to be with myself I’ll start to desire that a lot xD however I am also not of those guys which can spend a month at home without having any kind of social activities irl xD

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  4. I️ would say I️’m more introverted, but I️ 100% get stage fright. Standing in front of people to give a speech is the thing I️ dread the most.

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      1. I know that there are some countries where you have that. Not in Portugal though which I think is a really fail in the education system… If you from the beginning learn to give speeches it will scare you less in the future… But what do I know? Xp

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      2. It’s not mandatory in Tennessee state education, and I️ haven’t had time to take it. The U.S. is pretty bad when it comes to education as well.

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