11 thoughts on “Anime number 4 – Toradora!”

  1. I’m not a huge comedy fan, so I have to admit that it is not very high on my list of things to watch. That said, I did really enjoy reading your review. And really no worries: you are doing fine: your point for the backgrounds came across in a very good way, so it’s cool 😀I usually love opening themes so I’m looking forward to reading your post why you are not liking them so much.
    Great review! 😀

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    1. Thank you very much for your feedback! I really appreciate it! I like to have some feedback to see if I am in doing a good job or if I need to change anything xP I am also looking forward to write it eheh

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    2. A lot of people look to the comedy on this one, and while there is some, for me the romance aspect was far more interesting. If you’ve seen Golden Time, you would probably like this one Raistlin, it is better (though Golden Time had some big strengths that this does not).

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  2. Toradora! was pretty good. I love the Christmas episodes and there are some other pretty great moments. Unfortunately, the show drags a bit at points (especially on a rewatch) and the who ends up with who aspect is too telegraphed so it is a bit annoying at times that it takes so long to get there. Despite how it may sound, these are actually fairly minor issues.

    If you like this one you should consider checking out Golden Time, it is by the same person. Found it to be weaker, as it really wants to be this show, but it has some pretty big strengths that make up for it.

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    1. Yeah you are right! However, contrary to other romantic animes I’ve seen I didn’t feel bored with the time it took to go there 😛
      Golden Time added to “want to watch” list! Thanks for the suggestion! I am always looking for new animes to watch ^.^

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      1. I didn’t get bored per se but I definitely felt irritated at a few points and the show drags its heels a bit with certain episodes. Like I said though, minor issue.

        No problem! Glad you are going to give it a shot. I think you’ll enjoy it (even if it isn’t as good). Always happy to provide recommendations 🙂

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