11 thoughts on “Anime Number 3 – Code Geass”

  1. I think a lot of vieweres that aren’t necessarily mecha fans kind of connected with Code Geass and I think it is because there isn’t too much focus on the machines. They are just another tool for the characters to use in the conflict rather than a focal point of the story. I really loved Code Geass and for me it is always about Lelouch and watching his character and how he grows and changes throughout the series and how he deals with both failure and success.

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    1. I also have that idea! It was the same for me! I remember in the beginning to almost drop it, until it showed Lelouch planning how to win a battle while in a great disadvantage and I fell in love!

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  2. You definitely aren’t alone on the Mecha thing. I’ve seen very few series in this vain and I liked each of them for a totally different element beyond Mecha. Any way, Code Geass is a great time so I’m not surprised that it is among your favorites 🙂

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      1. Sure thing 🙂

        Neon Genesis – Classic anime, pretty much a staple that most everybody gets around to at some point.

        Aldnoah.Zero – For some, a weaker version of Code Geass. I had a good time with it though. Best if you haven’t seen a ton of anime before but I still enjoyed it so… A lot of people hate this one so mileage may vary.

        That’s it. I gave Gundam a go once with Iron Blooded Orphans but really didn’t get into that. However, a lot of people like that one in particular if they haven’t seen much Gundam before so you may consider giving it a try.

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