7 thoughts on “Videogame number 3 – Persona 5”

  1. I didn’t read your post as to not spoil it for me, but I just went ahead and liked this. I haven’t played this game yet as I just bought a ps4, but I fell in love with this series after Persona 2 and went back to play the first game. The Persona series is just great all around and distances itself from other great jrpgs with its tone and gameplay alone. I’ll just assume Persona 5 is great as well.

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    1. I do try not to have any spoilers in my reviews so people can still enjoy when paying/watching, but I understand what you mean xD you assume right! I can tell you that it’s the best one in the series xP pick persona 3 and improve it by 1000 and you get persona 5 xD

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