33 thoughts on “Day 6: Anime I want to see but haven’t | Girls transforming into dogs?”

  1. Yeah I wish I hadn’t watched season 2 of psycho pass. I missed him too *tear. I think sometimes animes get a lot of build up and then they are harder to watch. I’m fully on the Fullmetal train but I could see how it being talked up so much can lead to the story falling a bit flat of expectations.

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  2. FMA Brotherhood or the original? Brotherhood at least is worth the watch, but you definitely need to be in it for the long haul. The only thing I can really compare it to is Avatar the Last Airbender series. It’s a story that escalates in scope with a lot of intricate bits to make it all come together, so the start can be slow.

    Psycho-Pass 2 – You are not missing much. Really

    K-On – I want to watch so badly but it isn’t going to win my ABC’s vote this round T.T

    SAO – Did you mean season 2 or the Farie Dance arc? I actually thought Season two was a pretty big improvement overall, though there is that one arc which is unspeakably bad.

    Enjoyed the post! 😀


    1. Thanks for all the info you gave me! Really appreciate it and it was really useful xD hmm if you say it’s like avatar then I really have to give it a try xD

      Psycho pass 2 – glad to hear it! Because I really liked the first one and I was afraid that the series would get better in the middle/end of the season

      K-on is just awesome! Not my favorite idol Anime but is in the top 3 for sure! Xp

      SAO – season 2 really… I think it was because of the new online game being a shooter instead of rpg that made me quit!

      Really happy you appreciate it! I also had fun with this one! XD

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  3. FMA may be the show I’ve rewatched the most and it’s one of the few series I actually own. Hmm I think the show I’ve most wanted to watch, but haven’t gotten around to would be Code Geass. I’m not really sure why I’ve never seen it, but I just can’t bring myself to watch.

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      1. I think it’s got something to do with the character art style. I can’t really place it, but maybe they look too “sharp”? Lol it’s harder to explain than I would’ve expected.

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