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Day 8: Favorite Game Couple | When Killing Monsters Gives You More Than Loot and Exp

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 8 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

  • Day 1 – Very first video game.
  • Day 2 – Yout Favorite Game of all time
  • Day 3 – Your favorite character.
  • Day 4 – A game that is underrated.
  • Day 5 – Your guilty pleasure game.
  • Day 6 – Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
  • Day 7 – Most annoying character.
  • Day 8 – Favorite game couple.
  • Day 9 – Best soundtrack.
  • Day 10 – Saddest game scene.
  • Day 11 – Best gameplay.
  • Day 12 – Gaming system of choice.
  • Day 13 – A game everyone should play.
  • Day 14 – A game you’ve played more than five times.
  • Day 15 – Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.
  • Day 16 – Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.
  • Day 17 – Game with the best cut scenes.
  • Day 18 – Favorite antagonist.
  • Day 19 – Favorite protagonist.
  • Day 20 – Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.
  • Day 21 – Favorite genre.
  • Day 22 – Game with the best story.
  • Day 23 – A game sequel which disappointed you.
  • Day 24 – Game you think had the best graphics or art style.
  • Day 25 – Favorite classic game.
  • Day 26 – A game you plan on playing.
  • Day 27 – Best voice acting.
  • Day 28 – Most epic scene ever.
  • Day 29 – Favorite game developer.
  • Day 30 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

So, today is the day to talk about love!! *Insert can you feel the love music from Lion King*. This one was easy, the anime one was a little bit harder I confess >.<

My favorite gaming couple of all time and it will be really difficult to dethrone is [SPOILERS IN THE COUPLE DESCRIPTION]:

Yuna and Tidus from Final Fantasy X


Now, I’m not going to get into the Final Fantasy story itself, if you want you can read my Final Fantasy X review here!

Yuna and Tidus meet each other shortly after Tidus arrive at Spira. He ends up travelling with Yuna’s crew and they start their relationship as completely strangers. You see, of course, some chemistry between them but that is all.

As all adventures there will be happy moments and not so happy moments. Normally when you travel the world with a group of people you are going to get close to each other, it’s just common sense and a natural human thing to happen and in Final Fantasy X that’s what happens.

It is just lovely to see Yuna and Tidus relationship from strangers to friends and then to lovers. They are different from each other and normally opposites attract! Tidus is more a goofy, laid back and optimistic guy while Yuna is more mature and down to earth who knows that what she has to do will need a great endurance and sacrifice. However, as a couple they just work really well. Final Fantasy X gave the best couple of all the final fantasy series, really look to the cinematic of their first kiss, it’s just astonishing:

After you get so attached to this characters and their relationship you get to the end of the game where you have a plot twist that will make you feel like crap. During the story you will get the information that the world where Tidus is original from is made by Sin, meaning that if you kill Sin the world will end. However, even knowing that Tidus does not tell anyone what will happen in the end. When you finally kill Sin and see Tidus disappearing well… It’s just heartbreaking, you can see in Yuna’s face how it is to lose a loved one. The cinematic is really well made and you can feel empathetic with her (I cried not going to lie), her expression and her movements when she understands what it’s happening really shows the confusion, the loss and the sorrow of loosing a loved one.


In the romance subject, Final Fantasy X is without a doubt the game that gave me the higher rollercoaster of emotions, it is just 100% perfectly made.

That’s all for today folks! What do you think of my pick? Which one is your favorite game couple of all time? Comment down below! 😀

See you tomorrow! 😀



29 thoughts on “Day 8: Favorite Game Couple | When Killing Monsters Gives You More Than Loot and Exp”

    1. You never played a Final Fantasy game? How were you able to do that? XD If it’s because of the system you can get most of the Final Fantasy games for pc now 😛 You really should give it a try!

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      1. I think it’s mostly just because other games were a higher priority at the time. I think I’d probably give VII a chance since it seems like most people’s favorite. Now it’s more of a time issue since anytime I’m not spending sleeping or working on papers is usually devoted to anime lol.

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