15 thoughts on “The Lovely Award | Well… That’s a First!”

  1. Haha aww you’re very welcome! You’re words were both kind and funny and yes I am a she 😆 thanks for the lovely words you said about me and my blog! It means a lot! I loved reading your facts it’s so cool that you play the flute and I’m a total perfectionist too so I know where you’re coming from! 😄

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    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words! 😀 You don’t need to thank me, it’s completely true XD Well, it’s really cool you play the guitar! God knows I tried to learn it, but failed miserably ahah

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      1. You’re welcome 😄 and I always feel the need to thank people 😂 aww you’re too kind 😊 and haha yeah I know where you’re coming from it’s hard for me even now I wouldn’t know where to begin with the flute I have never even picked one up before so that’s really awesome that you can play it 😄

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      2. Ahah it’s not that hard you only have to get the gist of it! After that is training to the point where you almost pass out of using so much air to play the flute! 😀

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  2. Congrats on the award! I learned so much about you. Cool that you play the flute! I always wanted to learn that instrument l, but play others.

    I really appreciate the nomination! I’ve done this one, but I’ll do it again because I love these! Thanks so much. Btw, I am a female, but no worries! It’s a common misconception. ❤🤣😁 Have a great day and thanks again!


  3. Congrats for the award and thanks for the kind words! I love that you’ve chosen people from all different genres of blogs, there are some new names here I will definitely be checking out. I’ve done this award before but thank you for the nomination and I’ll have to think of something to post as thanks! 🙂

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    1. Thanks and no need for thanking me! XD don’t worry with the post! The idea was to spread the love to other communities xD it doesn’t bother me of not having a thank you post xD it was not the objective to start with 🙂

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