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Day 11: Best Gameplay | when it just feels right!

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 11 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

So, today it’s about gameplay. I’m fortunate to say that I’ve bought a PS4 last year and along this year I played many games where the gameplay just hit the spot. I’ll go with 3 games this time around! Fun to say that all 3 are nominated for best game of the year.

1 – Final Fantasy XV


To be honest I have a lot of anger towards this game due to some of its flaws. Final Fantasy XV had everything to be in the number 1 of my top series, if it had a good main plot, which unfortunately it doesn’t. But, about the gameplay there is not a single bad word that I can speak of. Final Fantasy XV came out and said to the world, Final Fantasy is now an action RPG, and Square Enix did it flawlessly, gameplay wise. The character is really responsive to your commands and the animation is the smoothest you could ask for! It’s just a pleasure fighting in this game!

2 – Nier : Automata


I’m still in the beginning of this game, so I don’t have a complete opinion towards it, but again, as an action RPG, Square Enix just overcome themselves and made it even better than Final Fantasy XV. Here you have a lot of combos you can do, you can choose between close combat and shooting, being the transition the smoothest it could be. Even if the story turns out to be not very good, the gameplay compensates that! For now, it is one of the best games I played this year.

3 – Persona 5


I’ve already reviewed this game. You can read it here! Persona 5 is just one of those games that everything is done perfectly. There isn’t even a flaw that I can point. About the gameplay, the best example I can speak of is the part where you are entering palaces to steal their treasure. You are a thief and you need to act like it, so you will be hiding behind walls, jumping around to move in the ceiling beams (is that how you say it?) and it’s done perfectly. It’s really smooth and the game responds to your commands flawlessly. On contrary to Nier: Automata and Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5 is a turn based RPG, but Atlus gave you a lot to do in the battles and picking your choices is really easy and really smooth. Here you can also use your ranged weapon, you just need to click the button and the animation of changing weapons is instantly done. Changing personas, changing tactics, everything is done really easily and in the smoothest way!

Those are my picks for the best gameplay! Do you agree with my picks? Which game has the best gameplay for you? Comment down below! 😀

See Ya Tomorrow!

32 thoughts on “Day 11: Best Gameplay | when it just feels right!”

    1. Depends on what your looking for right now… If you want great gameplay and one the best graphics ever seen go with FFXV, if you want an epic story go with FFVII. However, FFVII is going to have a remaster next year (if is not delayed again), so probably when you finish FFXV, FFVII remaster should be right in the corner to come out! About Persona, Persona 5 is a game that made me have feelings that I didn’t have for a game in a long time! 😀 It feserves to win Game of The Year

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      1. I think I’ll go with how you recommended it. FFXV is only available on Playstation though right now isn’t it? 😕
        I do have a PC though, so I should at least be able to snag the latest Persona I think..

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      2. Damn, I’ve stuck with XBone this far mainly because I have an obsession with seeing the end of Master Chief and Cortana’s relationship play out in Halo. No regrets, but if it’s not wrapped up in the next game I’m probably going to lose hope.

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      3. Pete is correct! Damn me and giving missinformation! sorry, I though that it was only for Playstation 4 -.-” You can play it on Xbox One then eheh Yeah, Halo is the main game that makes me feel a little sad of always going for the playstation system and not Xbox… Oh well, people have to do hard choices all the time 😛

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      4. FFXV is on Xbox One, and is on the way for PC. (You’ll need a pretty beefy Windows 10 machine though.) Persona 5 is on PS3 and PS4, no plans for a PC release at the moment though Atlus and Sega have been known to port stuff.

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      5. Thanks for that info Pete! I really though that Final Fantasy XV was only for Playstation 4!!! >.< Regarding going to Pc, damn you will need to have a really great machine to be able to play it. They are? Persona 3 and Persona 4 only exist in the playstation system… I think at least xD

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      6. Yeah, Persona 3 and 4 are still only on PlayStation. P3 is on PS2 and PSP, while P4 is on PS2 and Vita. I meant more generally, Atlus and Sega have ported some of their other games to PC and there have been rumours of Persona 5 getting a port for a while. No news as yet though, unfortunately!

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      7. Probably you are right, but it’s completely new to me 🙂 Never saw many games of Atlus on pc, but let’s face it, RPG speaking I always prefered to play it in console xD


  1. Persona 5 is so beautifully slick. Since P3, the series has always had a ton of style to it, but P5 takes it to the next level. It sounds strange to talk about a turn-based game being responsive and slick, but they really nail it in this; everything from exploration through navigating menus to combat just flows wonderfully.

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    1. Yeah! The game is just perfect! It amazed me how well they made a turn base to be so dynamic and easy to scroll between actions and menus. Having different buttons for the types of attacks really helps! I re-played Persona 3 before playing Persona 5 and the difference is just huge. It amazes me how they just turn a great game and pushed it even further!


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