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Day 12: Gaming System of Choice | Where can I play Final Fantasy?

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 12 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

My gaming system of choice is Playstation. Always was and probably always will be. I started with PS1 and I’m playing PS4, the only one I didn’t have was PS3 because of the economy at the time xD

I think there is no way to explain this one… Everyone has their system of choice and at the end is because of personal preference. Why? Well, all of them are great and have great exclusive games. (I’m talking about PS, Xbox and PC). Basically the first Playstation I had was a gift and I fell in love with it making me a blind fan for the years to go. I think the main reason is because I’m more a rpg gamer and I feel there are more exclusives RPG’s for the Playstation than other systems.

So, I’ll give you the exclusive games that make me want more the PS than the other systems. Remember, exclusive at the time they come out. They may have been ported to other systems at the moment, (I’m thinking of Final Fantasy VII for example). I’ll give you 3 games for each of them:

Playstation 1

Final Fantasy series (You can play them in the pc now)


Metal Gear Solid


Silent Hill


Playstation 2

Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII


Persona 3 and 4


Jak and Daxter series


Playstation 4

Persona 5


Kingdom Hearts (I didn’t play on the PS2 and I’m going to play them now on PS4)



maxresdefault (1)


And that’s it! Which one is your gaming system of choice and why? Comment down below! 😀

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀

21 thoughts on “Day 12: Gaming System of Choice | Where can I play Final Fantasy?”

  1. PS2 is my favourite system of all time, though it’s a close-run thing between all of them from over the years! PlayStation platforms in general are favourites because of my love of Japanese games and RPGs in particular; they’ve always been full of ’em.

    I think my personal ranking of PlayStation systems probably goes PS2 > PS4 > Vita > PSP > PS3 > PS1. This isn’t to say I don’t like the PS1 at all, it just hasn’t aged quite as gracefully as the others.

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    1. Playstation is also my favourite system mainly because of the RPGs 😀
      My favourite will always be (I think) Playstation 1 though, just because I spent my childhood with her! It’s more of an emotional thing than a rational one xD


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