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Video Game number 2 – Dragon Age: Origins

Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

Today is the day to give my gaming silver medal, as you saw from the title I’m going to give it to Dragon Age: Origins. The best RPG I ever played on PC. 😀


For you to understand how much I love this game let me tell that I replayed this more times that I can count. I even did the “not dying even once throughout all game” in the highest difficulty possible. There are many things that make me love this game, so I will go with parts [there are no spoilers don’t worry]

The Concept

This was the first game I played that I felt that my choices really changed the game. You are the master of the story! From the character selection to the end your choices make the difference.

Depending on the class, race and background you choose you are going to be treated differently and have different options of conversation. For example if you go as human noble you are going to be treated with respect and people will ask about your family, if you start as an elf from the alienage people will not trust you that much in the beginning (and you can also rage against humans for the way they treat elves).


Then, throughout the game you will have major choices where it’s going to change the end and it will also change some things in Dragon Age 2 and 3… Yes, your choices from the first game impact the following games.

This concept is just so fun to play, it seems that you are the one writing the story.


Of course, the best point of the story is about changing itself to go accord with your option. However, even if you didn’t have this part the story is a pretty solid one. The game has so much lore about the different races you meet throughout the game, elves, dwarves and humans that if you take your time and read it you will find a complete description of the world you live. It just amazes me how much detail they got into this game. Moreover, the story involving these races when you get to meet them are fun to watch and follow! 😀


The main plot it’s you with your friends trying to save the world from the darkspawn. It is said (by the chant of light, the religion) that the blight appears as a way to punish the people sins. A little more or less like Final Fantasy X. Even though people had survive other blights, the only thing you can get is a temporary peace until a new blight starts.



I really like the gameplay of Dragon Age: Origins. It’s a “normal” rpg game. So you normally go around with the main character and 3 other people and it’s a mix of point and click + strategic (because you are playing with 4 characters). It’s a little hard to explain, but think of the generic skill set of mmorpgs and then had 3 more characters xD

You have tactics, so you are not obligated to actively play with the characters that are with you. If you do your work in the tactics everything should go smooth with only playing the main character. However, if you go with the highest difficulty possible expect to pause the game many times to give everyone the actions to do 😛


Other thing I like and that I think it turns the fights more real are the combos. For example if you froze an enemy and your knight gives him with his shield what would happen? The enemy shatters and it’s killed instantly of course. (Although this doesn’t work on elite enemies and bosses…. And it won’t work on the highest difficult).

You have 3 classes, warrior, rogue and mage, but in the game you can add specializations(maximum 2, or 3 if you play the expansion). There are 4 (even more with the expansion) specializations for each class, so in the end you a lot of classes to choose. In warrior you can choose between to go tank or dps, in rogue you can choose between close combat dps or fight from afar with a bow while you tell your pet to do the close combat, in mage you can go dps, healer, or crowd control. You can even go as a shapeshifter. So, in the end you have many options to choose from! 😀



In Dragon Age: Origins is just impossible not to have an impression in the characters. You will love them or hate them, but they will cause an impression on you and the same goes from them towards you. You will have many chances to talk with your companions, depending on your answers they will like (or not) you. The more they like you the more they will open to you and the more you will know about their story. You can romantically involve with all of them, but of course, depending in your gender. There are LGBT possibilities, but as in the real world not everyone is gay/bisexual.


Because of this system of trying to make them like you and talk a lot to them Dragon Age made me fall in love will all the characters.  All each of them are completely different, (they even small talk about others with you) but all of them have their special thing that makes you like them. And I love Morrigan and Alistair always pushing each other buttons.



Everything has a voice over in this game and it is done correctly. It’s like seeing a movie! The only one who doesn’t talk he’s the main character because there is not one phrase in the game that is not of your choice.

The game has an epic story, so expect epic music too. I’ll give you my favourite OST from the game… It’s just so heartwarming and sad at the same time… It makes me feel all these emotions at the same time:

That’s all folks! If you didn’t play Dragon Age: Origins I highly recommend it! It is the best rpg I played for PC no doubt of it! If you did play Dragon age what are your thoughts about it? Comment down below!

See Ya Soon! 😀

10 thoughts on “Video Game number 2 – Dragon Age: Origins”

  1. I seriously loved this game and played through quite a few of the different character types but still haven’t done all of the beginnings. At some point I will need to replay this game and try to actually complete all the different pathways.

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    1. I’ve done everything with this game! I made all the trophies xP I just loved, LOVED all of the playthroughs xP they are always a little bit different because I chose different backgrounds and different classes xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Unfortuantely, Baldur’s Gate is from an earllier age so the combat and the like is nowhere near as good as what you get in Dragon Age. Still fun controlling the characters and deciding what AI to assign some of your party members (or pause and control everything yourself) but basically it is all just clicking and hoping the hit roll goes in your favour or that that don’t win their saving throw against a spell.

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      2. Loool but at least you have characters that depending on what you do or choose as companions change the way how your party works xP did you played the sequels of dragon age?

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