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Day 13: A Game Everyone Should Play | I Never Thought I Had Played So Many Differnt Genres

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 13 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

Well, today I have to suggest you a game that everyone should play… That’s difficult! Why? Because I don’t know which kind of genre you prefer, or what kind of system do you use lolol

What I’m going to do is giving one for each genre I can think of (I’ll try to give some hidden gems) 😛 If you don’t find your favourite genre down there, probably is one that I didn’t play enough to give good suggestions, the one that immediately comes into mind is shooters xD

Fighting – The King of Fighters 97


I can’t count the hours (and the coins) I used playing this game in arcade… When I was young my parents had a coffee shop and when the guy came to collect the coins from the machine he would give me like 99 credits so I could play my heart out. The gameplay is good and even though it’s old the graphics are not that bad. The thing that made me like this game so much is having a team of 3 people instead of only fighting with 1 😛 You can play it online right now if you want at: http://www.neogeofun.com/kof97

Beat ’em Up – Comix Zone


I was never a fan of beat ’em up games, but this one just worked for me. This one was released for Mega Drive (I think). I loved the originality of having the story told like you were in a comic book, like jumping one box to another (is that what you call the square things where you draw inside?). The game is also old, but non the less the gameplay is not bad and for its time the passages from one box to another is really smooth. At the moment you can play it on Mega Drive, Xbox 360, Wii, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS

Platform Games – Alice Madness Returns


Alice Madness Returns is one of my favourite platform games of all times mainly because of its artwork. Yes, it’s like Alice in the Wonderland, with all the characters you would expect to find it, but it has a twist. Alice has suppressed memories that she can’t remember and the “wonderland” is happening inside her head. With a more dark side twist and not so “childish” as normally platform games are, it was just refreshing and fun to play. You can play it in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows.

Action Games – Mafia


Mafia is by far my favourite action game. With a gameplay really close to Grand Theft Auto, Mafia story passes in the 40’s decade (which I love). For me the story is better than Vice City, his main competitor at the time it came out and you can live more the city than the Vice City, for example you can go to places by public transportation like the electric or the train, how cool is that? Oh… And the music! One of the best OST ever! You can play it on Xbox, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2.

Stealth Games – Metal Gear Solid 1


Everyone knows the metal gear solid franchise, I don’t really need to talk much about this one, however for me the Metal Gear Solid 1 for Playstation 1 continues to be the one that marked me the most and that has the best story! However, this is a personal opinion, not a universal one xD You can play on Playstation or Windows.

Survival Horror – Silent Hill 1


Again, a really known series 😀 However, for me Silent Hill 1 for Playstation continues to be the most interesting one 😛 If you didn’t play it yet go do it! I replayed it not really that long ago and I felt scared and anxious while exploring Silent Hill. The trick is the music! 😀 You can only play in on Playstation 1, 3 or psp. You can also read my full review here! 🙂

Action RPG – Kingdom Hearts series


If you are like me and you still didn’t pay Kingdon Hearts I highly recommend it! To be honest I did play Kingdom Hearts 1 and when I was almost at the end my save file got corrupt and I never was able to work myself up to give it another try. Even if the first one has some problems regarding mechanics, the story is really good and who doesn’t want to play in all the Disney worlds we love and more than that playing with Donal Duck as your companion!!! If that doesn’t make you want to play it I don’t know what would do. You can play it on Playstation 2, 3 or Nitendo DS.

Turn Based RPG – The Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky


This game just has one of the best conversations’ script I ever saw in a game. I already talked about this one so, in short, if you love RPGs you need to play this one. You can play it on PSP, Playstation 3 or Windows.

Real Time Strategy – Warcraft 3


If you didn’t play it yet, go play it! I already talked about this one, it’s in my top 10 series… The game is just too effing perfect, from the gameplay to the story. You can play it on Windows or Mac.

Turn Based Strategy – Heroes of Might and Magic 3


I passed so much time playing this with my neighbour… The game is just so cool and original! You can fight with a lot of different races and each one has their strengths and weaknesses. The game is really well made, and even though it’s old, the game is playable even at the present. You can play it on Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac OS Classic, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Dreamcast, PowerPC.

Aaaaand that’s all folks! Are you enjoying the challenge so far? Also, which game do you feel like everyone should play? Comment down below!!!

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀





25 thoughts on “Day 13: A Game Everyone Should Play | I Never Thought I Had Played So Many Differnt Genres”

  1. I’ve always wanted to play Alice games, but never had the chance. I saw it on Steam at one point and then it disappeared and you can’t play it there anymore 😦

    Metal Gear Solid was fun. I have it for the Gamecube and thought it was funny how in order to beat one boss you have to keep changing your controller slot. It was incredibly clever and nothing I’ve seen before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really x( damn didn’t know it isn’t on steam anymore x( what a shame!

      Oh psycho mantis xD yeah it was really original… And there was something that he could read your memory card and started talking about the games you had saved in there xD a brilliant idea for his character and a great way to break the third wall

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh! I completely forgot that he could do that, but yea that was hilarious.

        If you were a fan of that 4th wall breaking, then I’d recommend a game called Eternal Darkness. It was for the Gamecube and it’s really old, but the sanity meter function is super fun.

        Liked by 2 people

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