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Day 14: A Game I Played More than 5 Times | No… I Don’t Need Help

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 14 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

Five is a huge number! Even more for a RPG fan as me. I mean each playthrough can go to 100 hours!! However, contrary to the other types of entertainment I enjoy replaying games, mainly because you always have new things to do and new details to notice.

There are a few of them, dunno if I played them more than 5 times, but to be honest I just lost the count! The majority of games I’m going to talk are in my all time favorites (which makes sense) so I will not talk much about them (I don’t want to repeat myself xD), but I’ll link the names to the reviews in case you are curious to know more about them (so helpful I know xD)

To be honest there are many that I felt that I spent more than 300 hours of my life playing them, so I’ll give the top 3 for each system that I feel like I played the most! (Just a disclaimer: I’m not going to talk about one of them, just because I don’t want to give away my next week’s review ;))


Dragon Age; Origins


As I mentioned in my review, the thing about Dragon Age: Origins is that your answers, actions and decisions change the outcome of the story and how people treat you in-game. This way, the replayability of this game is really strong. I know that I ended the game, at least 4 times, with different races and different classes, but I also made some playthroughs (not complete though) to try new things and get different trophies that I was missing, like playing all the background stories.



I just love the story of this game so much that I’ve completed it at least 3 or 4 times. The game is just that good and I really dig the 40’s, so it is normal that I played this game a lot of times 🙂 It’s those kind of games that you wake up one day, the nostalgia strikes and you just need to go find the 4 CD’s needed to install the game (Yeah, it was still the time of CD’s and not DVD’s xD)

League of Legends


Now, I know that League of Legends is not “replayable”, but some years ago I was really addicted to this game. For like a year or more it was the oly gameI played! I even got to Gold V until it came to a day that I decided to uninstall it- (just to get my life back you know?) The thing about League of Legends, or any kind of Mobas for that matter is the competition that really does the trick. If you lose a game then it’s going to be next match that you will win and if you win, well we can’t just stop a win strike like that am I right? If I recommend you this game… Well, probably not. Unless you can bypass the worst online community I ever faced… If you can do that, then the game is awesome and the creators are always adding new content, making it fresh all the time 🙂

Playstation 1

Metal Gear Solid 1


I didn’t do a review to this game, but I talked about it in the last 30 day video game challenge. If you want to read it, just scroll up and you will find the link to it 😛 I know that I replayed this game like 10 times through all my life… The game does not really change much with its replays, but you get items and clothing depending which ending you got in the previous playtroughs (you can have 2 different endings). However, the story is just right and from time to time I found myself with the urge to replay it again… I really have fond memories about this one.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee


Abe’s Oddysee is one of my favorite platformer/puzzle game for Playstation 1 and of course I replayed it many times. If you don’t know what is this game about, it’s about an alien working in a meat factory. One day, while cleaning the floor he gets near a management meeting where they are talking their next strategy and the new product will be this alien species heads in a stick. From here, your main goal is to run away and save everyone from your species. This game is nice to replay it because it’s just impossible to find all the secret areas and save everyone in your first, even second try (unless you are using a guide of course). The game is full of funny cutscenes and the game is really decent when it comes to gameplay. I highly recommend it if anyone wants to try a more retro platformer.



Who doesn’t love the funny skeleton Sir Daniel from MedieEvil? This is a hack and slash action type of video game and its set in the medieval kingdom Gallowmere. It centres around Sir Daniel attempting to stop the antagonist Zarok’s invasion of the kingdom, while at the same time redeeming himself. This game is divided by levels and I love each one of them. It is has a more dark vibe, from the beginning where you start in a graveyard… You will have to fight through all kind of monsters to get to your goal with different types of weapons that you can find while exploring. This game deserves a full review that I will do in the future 🙂 However, to understand why did I replay it so many times, it is just because it is a fun game to play and difficult to get to 100%. So, if you want to do the 100% you will at least have to do 2 playthroughs 😛

Playstation 2

Persona 3


To be honest, I played this game so many times because I want to max all social links without doing a game+ and without a guide… I’m afraid to say that I still didn’t to do it! 😛 This game is also one of those games that sometimes I just feel nostalgic and I just have to come back and play it!

Final Fantasy X-2


Even though I am truly a huge fan of Final Fantasy X, I think I only completed the game twice. However with Final Fantasy X-2 is a completely different story! In Final Fantasy X-2 there are 6 different endings. Yes, 6! 1 bad, 2 normal, 2 good and 1 perfect! So it is only normal for you to replay the game many times to try to get all of them. For you to get to the perfect ending you have to get the good ending AND have 100% completion… Well, I still didn’t manage to do that so it means I still have to give it yet another try 😀

Final Fantasy 12


Well, I didn’t complete Final Fantasy 12 more than 5 times, just 3 or 4 really… But, for each gameplay I invested like +- 100 hours of my life, so I believe it deserves to be on this list. Well, this one is just a really good game where it just feels good to come back once in a while. The combat system is really fun while the story and environment are really well made! Also, I can’t get enough of the duo Fran and Balthier XD

And that’s all folks! Yes, I know that I didn’t say anything for the PSP or PS4… Well, for PSP I never truly replayed a game that many times, and for PS4 I only have it like a year ago so… I still didn’t manage to play all games I bought so let’s not even talk about replaying them xD However, I can say that I already started my second playthrough on Persona 5! Have to get those trophies! XD

What did you think of my choices guys? And which game did you play more than 5 times (or more hours than you should)? Comment down below!

See ya Tomorrow! 😀

23 thoughts on “Day 14: A Game I Played More than 5 Times | No… I Don’t Need Help”

  1. I am surprised to see FFX-2 on the list, as so many people bash that game. Shame, because I thought it was alright. Getting 100% is hard so I just ending up watching the endings online.

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  2. I’d have to put lots of shorter games on this list. Things like Invisible Inc that I’ve played through dozens of times trying different combinations of characters, weapons, tactics, difficulty levels. Mostly because you can beat the whole game in about 2 hours if you don’t stuff up and the levels are unique each time so it just asks to be replayed.

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    1. Normally that kind of games don’t appeal me very much :/ I prefer longer video games with a lot of story and lot of lore xD I think the game I replayed and that is shorter is Life is Strange. However, I wanted to get more into indies games, normally they are smaller 🙂

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  3. I’m not the kind who plays as much rpg (probably because most of them are fantasy and stuff – But I do play Final Fantasy though! Haha the irony), and I end up investing lots of hours (at first) into first person shooters and simulation games. FPS like Halo/Halo2, Red Faction II, and replaying them at the highest difficulty (’cause yolo); as well as simulation puzzles (Zachtronics) like TIS-100 and SpaceChem.

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    1. Yeah the thing about rpg is that when you think of replaying them you know you are going for the long run xD I’m completely the opost from you, I normally don’t play fps… Dunno why but so thinks it’s about the first person perspective since I’m more accostumed to third person xD but I understand the thing of replaying in the hardest difficulty mainly in strategy games xp

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