23 thoughts on “Small Life Update – I got a Job!”

  1. First off: congratulations, that is just so awesome! Really glad for you. Secondly, really there is no need for you to apologise at all. That is totally understandable. Blogging always comes second place before the real world. But it’s awesome to read you will still be publishing posts, to which I will look forward. I wish all the best on your new job, and of course have fun as well! 😀

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    1. Thank you very much! Yeah I know, but I wanted to inform everyone and well I like to reply comments the fastest as I can and probably the fastest I can from this point will be several days xD

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  2. Congratulations! I’ve had several long periods of unemployment and I found blogging to be a very useful outlet to help keep me sane during those frustrating times. I’m glad you found similar comfort on it, but even more glad you’ve found yourself what sounds like a great job! Hope you enjoy it — and don’t feel the need to apologise, I’m pretty sure everyone here knows how much of a challenge it is to balance work on their sites with other commitments.

    Best of luck with the new gig and I hope all goes well.

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    1. Yeah the job really does sound awesome… I’m super excited (but also a little scared) xD thank you and yeah but I just wanted to apologize in advance because I love to answer comments the fastest I can and from now on it will take probably several days x/


    1. Thank you! XD well I can’t do that (my mind will just not let me xP) I really want with 2 posts per week after the 30 day challenge ends xD and thank you for showing interest in my little rants with broken English eheh

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      1. You’re welcome and aww haha I know what it’s like when you’re mind does that! It’s good to have a goal in mind and some kind of schedule but just remember if some weeks you don’t get chance then don’t worry it’s understandable 😊 I really enjoy reading your posts and honestly I don’t think you English is broken at all! I think it’s pretty great! 😄

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      2. Everyone thinks they need to improve on something! But trust me what you do now is awesome and over time you’ll make even more awesome stuff! 😄 I’m sure you’ll do great with your schedule 😊 I hope you new job is going well too!

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  3. Woo that’s great news! Congrats on the new job. Don’t stress about the blog or replying to comments, real life comes first and you’ll need time to adjust to your new schedule. Hope everything goes well with you 😀

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