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Day 17: Game With the Best Cut Scenes | Got a Lot of Nostalgia With This One

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 17 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

Are you kidding me? Game with the best cut scenes? I mean… There are SO MANY! How can I just choose one?

This is how I am going to this, I’m going to share you my favorite cut scene (not game with best cut scenes), one for each platform, because you know… Can’t really compare a 1993 game with a 2017 one 😛 [FROM HERE YOU WILL CONTAIN SPOILER FOR FINAL FANTASY 8, FINAL FANTASY X, PERSONA 4, AND DRAGON AGE INQUISITION)

PS1 – Final Fantasy VIII – Edea’s Parade

To be honest, I love all the cut scenes from Final Fantasy VIII. It was a really improvement from Final Fantasy VII and I was completely out of guard! And, until this day, Final Fantasy VII has the best intro music from all Final Fantasies ever! Why Edea’s parade then? Well, first of all you are always getting in and out of the cut scene, because at the same time that the parade is happening you are making your arrangements to kill her and the transitions are really smooth for the time. Next, I love the design of Edea, I really do, she’s probably one of the designs I love the most. I love her attitude as her clothing style! And then the parade! You have all this movement and it’s really exciting to watch. Ah, and of course! The music just gives me goosebumps! (The one that I chose don’t have the part you play though, only the cinematic):


PS2 – Final Fantasy X – Kiss Scene

I mean, this game if PS2 and is 16 (yeah you read that right) years old! I remember when I played this game to be completely amazed about the cut scenes graphics, they were just SO good! But, there ir more than graphics to have the best cut scenes ever! You will also need an excellent music and an excelent environment (with lack of a better word) to make the person viewing them really think “This is the best thing I ever saw until now!”. Final Fantasy X just delivers that, even though the dubbing is far from perfect, the cut scenes are just “OWO”. Here is the one that I love the most – it starts at 1 minute and 5 seconds.



PS4 – Persona 5 – First Cut Scene

Persona 5 is an excellent game overall and all the persona awakenings are really cool, but the first cut scene was the one with the most impact for me. Why? Well, it just gives you away the great visuals you are going to get in the game! For someone who was so hyped for this game it just said to me “Your expectations are going to be met”. The cut scene starts at 4:27 and sorry, couldn’t find japanese with subs anywhere 😦


PC – Dragon Age Inquisition – The Dawn Will Come

I think that the music is the one that moves me the most! Here you just have been attacked and your camp just got destroyed, it is a time of too much death, great sorrow and pain and this music starts! It’s just breathtaking. The music seems like you are watching a movie and even though that the scene does not show much, it is enough for you too feel sad and almost to cry (well I actually cried a little, but don’t tell anyone!) I also love how it develops, makes me remember the music from the Hunger Games where everyone starts singing it… From here you pack your things and go a new beginning and a new stronghold, which is the dawn that will come.

There are many more that I love, but for now these ones will need to suffice! I hope you liked my picks! Comment down below the cut scene you are most fond of!

See Ya Tomorrow!




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    1. Yeah it was really a difficult challenge this one! Had to go through all the memories xD there a lot of games with excelent cut scenes! Yeah final fantasy always had the formula to build up awesome cut scenes xD

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