18 thoughts on “Anime Number 1: And the Winner is…”

  1. Nana is one of those animes that has been sitting on my to watch list for ages, but that I still haven’t seen. After reading a post like this, and your enthusiasm for it, I really want to check it out as soon as I can (which will probably be next year).
    As for your question…that’s a tough one. But… I would go with Erased. I really loved that one. It’s a great story, and is something very special. At least that’s what I thought of it 😊

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    1. Ooooh thanks! It really makes
      me happy that something that I wrote made an impact like that in you xD watch it you are not going to regret it xP I LOVED Erased! It really was one of those animes that I watched it all in one day xD excellent pick

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  2. Hell YAAAAAAASSSS I adore this show. It was one of the very first anime I watched as an anime fan. There are so many happy memories connected with Nana for me, and so many relatable parallels with my own life in the story. It’s grown with me, and it’s the bane of my otaku life that I have no financially viable, legal way to watch it 😭 I would buy it in a heartbeat if it got a UK release.

    Just don’t get me started with the music. It will forever bring me to tears. Every time.

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    1. I love to meet other people who loves Nana so much! XD I have some of the manga actually, my best friend gives me one book for Christmas and other for my birthday xD I really would love to have all the volumes in physic for, but manga is too damn expensive here in Portugal D:

      Not all the musics make me cry… But the one I shared in the post are one of them… And it’s the one that hits me harder!


    1. Well… It seems I ended up disappointing you 😢😢

      But, I’ll explain you why Death Note did not make the cute. I loved the show, I really did… Until L died. From there onwards I just feel the pace ended up dying… a lot and, contrary to the intelligence and “chess game” we were used to, we got some kind of forced way to make Kira lose in the end.

      If the Anime had stopped when L died I think it would be the best Anime I’ve ever watched. Yes, Kira would not get the justice he deserved, but some stories just end in a darker way, right?

      Since they tried to continue to push, killed oe of the best characters in history and tried to mantain the level of the show by introducing copies of L, it just didn’t work out. For me, it felt that they were just trying to milk more money from this awesome and popular story which… As normally do… Ended up destroying the all series for me…

      Hope you can forgive me and still be friends, though! ❤❤


      1. Oh My God!!!! kadslkjadljsaldja

        I’M SO FREAKING SORRY! I though you had already watch it!!!! From your comment and since it’s an Anime it came out some years now I really thought you had already watch it! I’m so sorry!


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