18 thoughts on “Day 18: Favorite Female Anime Support Character | They also deserve a show of their own”

  1. It’s so nice to see Mai Kujaku in this list! She’s amazing and definitely deserves more love (as well as Anzu). I’m pretty sure Inukashi is not a woman though, their gender was purposely left ambiguous…

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    1. Yeah, but I do like more Mai than Anzu! Are you sure? I fot the impression that you find out that Inukashi is a girl in the scene where she pretends to be a prostitute for the guy that they need information or something like that, can’t remember… Afterwards, when she is stressed out and mad to the others because they took to much time to come out I really got the impression that she was female 😀

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      1. Yep, there is one scene where they pretend to be a prostitute to get some information out of a No.6 resident and when Shion embraces them, he thinks that Inukashi’s frame is so small that they could be a woman, but the author never specifies it. I’m re-reading a fan-translation of the novel and the translator left a note to explain how the author doesn’t use gendered words with Inukashi.
        Which doesn’t make them any less badass of course 🙂


  2. If Tsunade got her own spinoff that would be pretty dope given there’s quite a bit they could work with, even Anko would be a good choice. I’m not too sure about Mai, she’s a decent character but compared to some others from the series like Rio (Yugioh Zexal) & the girl from 5ds she just seems lacking as a duelist and character.

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    1. I never saw Yu-Gi-Oh zexal or 5ds… Maybe that’s why I chose Mai xD I think that if there was a small show featuring Mai her character could be developed a lot more xP regarding Tsunade, you are pretty right! XD I would love to see it, it would be really fun


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