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Day 24: Game With Best Art Style | It’s Time For the Artists to Shine

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 24 of the 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge. First of all, here is the list for the 30-ish day video game challenge (you can click in the links to go to the posts of the previous days :D):

So today, I’m going to talk the game with best graphics / art style… There are many game that made me fell in love with their design, this way I am going to give you the one per system 😀 There will be some that shines more than the others because of its art style, while others because of its graphics. Let’s start it shall we?

PS1 – Metal Gear Solid


I know, I know… I’ve been talking about Metal Gear Solid a lot in these past few days, but… Let’s face it, Metal Gear Solid just created a huge jump in graphics in the PS1 system… There are games for PS2 with worst graphics than MGS!!!! I remember playing Metal Gear Solid back in the day and be completely astonished how real the game looked (LOL)! Basically, Metal Gear Solid disrupted the video games industry with awesome graphics and really good cinematics.

PS2 – Okami


Now, if we think only about the graphics, Final Fantasy XII takes the crown! Its cinematics were just insane for the time it came out, but if we take into account art style, well in this case (at least for me) Okami takes the crown. I didn’t play the game (yet) lol, but all the visuals I’ve seen from the game seem completely out of the box and really appealing!

PSP – The 3rd Birthday


Another game I still have to play… 3rd birthday just seems a game for PS3, but a PS3 that you can bring with you wherever you go… And play it! The game just has top-notch graphics for that time! Can’t really tell you more than that I’m afraid, still need to play it to be able to understand if the game runs well or not (Although from the gameplays I’ve seen, the game seems to run pretty smooth!)

PS4 – Final Fantasy XV


It would be Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5 😀 but I got to the conclusion that Final Fantasy XV deserves it more… I mean, it’s almost the only thing it has to sell itself (Sorry, but Final Fantasy XV is just the game that disappointed me the most in all of my life)… Cut Scenes aside, those we already know that they are just… Well, next generation… The graphics in-game are just as brutal as the cut scenes. I can remember an event in the game where you are always changing between gameplay and cut scene and you almost don’t feel a difference. I can say that every snake I had to kill in the game was a challenge, just because I hate snakes and they were so freaking well done (they seemed real, not kidding) and it’s those kind of games that you just stop to see your surroundings, yeah it’s that pretty!

PC – Broken Age


It’s always hard to pick one for Pc. First, contrary to the Playstation ones, you are comparing games from 2-3 years ago to games that came out like 20 years ago… More than that, my pc is a little old, so I can’t play the next generation video games 😦 This way, I disregarded graphics completely and thought only on the art style. This way, from the ones I’ve PLAYED it has to be broken age. The game is just a point and click adventure (made me remember when I played broken sword back in the day), but the visuals and the concept is just awesome. The graphics are just really appealing and it’s one of those games that you feel pleasure when playing, just because the art is so pleasant and cute.

That’s all for todays folks! Which game do you think as having the best graphics / art style? Comment Down below!

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀

13 thoughts on “Day 24: Game With Best Art Style | It’s Time For the Artists to Shine”

  1. Definitely agree with you on Metal Gear Solid. That game was way ahead of it’s time (both in terms of graphics and gameplay). Have you ever played God of War on the PlayStation 2? That game did pretty much the same what Metal Gear solid did for the PsOne.

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    1. Yeah I did played it and I loved it! I agree with you! The graphics were excelent for the ps2! But okami just gives you a vibe that no other game gives (at least from what I’ve seen/played for ps2}

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