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Top Series Ended! What now?

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

As you probably know last week was the end of my top10 Anime series and Top10 Video Games! This way, it is time to go for another series and I’m happy to tell you that I got an idea!!!!


For Anime I will be doing the random Anime Series! What is this you may ask? Basically, I’ll go to an anime randomizers and watch the Anime it comes out. In the following week I’ll make a review of it (or just a “Until Now” review depending on how much I am able to watch)! This series will have some rules and what not, but I’ll post more info about this in the near future!


For Video Games, as you all know I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, this way, for now I’ll review all of the Final Fantasy games I’ve played so far… Which is almost every one of them and tell you what I think of them (I didn’t love them all to be honest!)


Aaaaaaaand I’m starting a new series!!! It will be called the random thoughts series (or something like that) and I will just post, well… Random thoughs I might have during the week… You know like the ones about being an introvert and why, as a gay guy I don’t like Shounen-Ai animes 😛 This one probably will not come out every week since I would need to have deep thoughs every week… Which I doubt it 😀 (Yeah I’m a hard head, do you use that expression in English?… Oh well…)


Since I am currently working, I just can’t post 3 times a day, so until the end of the 30 day anime and video game challenge I won’t post any reviews, in other words I’ll kick off these new series next week!!!!

That is all! Sorry for not telling you the rules already, but I don’t really have the strength at the moment to think xD I only wanted to warn you all today because today is Tuesday, which means posting Anime reviews!

Ah!!!! ALmost forgot (stupid me)… I am also going to change the posting schedule yap yap… But for that I will need to think a little more about it, so don’t stress it for now, I’ll tell you in the same post where I’m going to post the rules for the Random Anime Series! 😀

That’s all everyone!!! Thank you for following my Top10 series, liking it and commenting it! It meant the world to me! Really!!!!!!!

See Ya Soon! 😀

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