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Day 30 – A game I thought I wouldn’t like, but ended up loving | It is Done 2.0

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s the last of the 30 day Video Game Challenge 😀 This time the list is going to be at the end of the post, with links to every challenge if you want to binge-read or something like that 😀

First of all, merry christmas everyone! 😀 If you don’t do christmas, happy holidays! 😀

giphy (1).gif

Let me start this post telling that I’m really proud at myself for being able to do this challenge until the end (I only failed once which is a victory!) 😛 I also hope that this challenge got the objective I wanted which was you guys starting to know a little more about myself 😀

Next, I want to thank you all for following this little challenge and I hope that you had so much fun as I had writing it. The main reason I enjoyed doing it was because I was writing it for you! It felt like I was talking with my friends (but this time with friends that had interest about the Video Games theme xD). So I really hope that you enjoyed it 😀

[Yes, I’m lazy and for the ones who follow my both challenges sorry for the copy paste, and YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!]

Now, for the challenge! 😛

  • Day 30 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Now, as you probably already know I’m more into good story telling video games, so when I started this game, mainly because everyone was talking good about them, I thought that I would not really get into it… But in reality I just loved it:

Need for Speed – PS2 Can’t remember which one – but had the following music:

Ok, from the video I just discovered it was the Underground one 😀

Well, Need for Speed may have a story but I really can’t remember nothing at all!

giphy (2).gif
Sorry, but I just had to put this in here!

Moving on… I am not really into cars, specially racing games, but well… I didn’t have anything more to play so I gave it a try, and well… I just got absorbed with all the flashy configurations I could do with the car and all the adrenaline of racing inside a city with other normal people just driving their way home, changing gears, using nitro… It really made me have a lot of fun playing it! 😀 I think it was difference between the normal racing games that really made me fall in love with it 😛


I ended the game and even if there were races that were harder and I had to repeat them I couldn’t care less because I really was having fun! 😀 I still tried a new one that inserted cops in the mix, but I really didn’t like so much about that one, I didn’t feel so much freedom as in the first one.

And that’s it! It is done! I just reached this milestone! So happy!!!!


Please tell me in the comments if you enjoyed this challenge! 😀 And also don’t forget to comment which game you though you were not going to like it, but ended up loving it!!! 😀

See Ya Not Tomorrow, But Soon! 😀

PS: Here is all the links, for day 2 you have the link to my FF7 review 😀

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