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Random Anime Series | How Is This Going to Work?

Hi guys and Welcome to my place! 😀

So, as I told you last week (I think it was last week) I came up with a new series now that the top ten has ended and I want to explain you how things are going to proceed, rules and things like that XP Probably you are not really into this post, but I really wanted to explain it so you have all the facts from the beginning 😀


Let’s start with the first question then. Why?

I’ve seen enough Anime series to post 1 review per week for like 2-3 years, so why did I decided to go with this random series instead of going the easy way and review the Animes I already saw which would only need a little refresh before being able to write a review?

Basically because I tend to go to a certain type of Anime xD This way, my blog would start to point to a specifically theme and that’s not what I want. I want to review Animes focusing all sort of things, old and new, good and bad ones xD This way, not only I am able to maintain the content fresh I woll also be able to take different perspectives than only being “I loved this anime because yadda yadda yadda” 😀


Other thing is, as a person who values time a lot, until now, if an Anime didn’t catch me in the first few episodes it would be “kiss kiss bang bang”, or “hasta la vista babe!” and I would drop it. With this series I’ll try to sit through more episodes until I am able to have a constructed opinion to write a review of it ^^

Secondly I want to explain you how the series are going to work and rules (Yes it has rules!!!)


Well, basically what I’m going to try to do is. In the beginning of the week I’ll go to the and let it pick a random Anime for me to watch and then I go and I watch it xD

Easy right? Yeah, it is pretty simple, but not always I’ll be able to watch a full Anime season in a week being that because of lack of time or the amount the episodes it has 😀 But, don’t worry! I covered that! It can go two ways, or I’ll go and make a “until now” review or I’ll just go to my Anime arc, grab one of the Animes I already watched and  use it as a filler muahahah

Now, the rules because everything needs a little organization:

  • Anime can’t be too long – let’s say for example that I get Gintama… Well, I’m not going to watch so many episodes in a week, month or even a year xD So I’ll go with smaller Animes, dunno what will be the maximum number of episodes, but that is something that I will figure out with time
  • No hentai – or any anime where the main theme is sex. I want to have a blog opened to everyone and I don’t want to make kids starting asking about the birds and the bees to their parents after reading my blog 😀 So, they can have sexual content, but they cannot just focus on that.
  • It’s ok if I already watched the Anime – If the Anime that comes out is one that I already saw, well perfect! Less trouble to me 😀
  • The Anime needs to be complete – I mean that particular season needs to be complete. I don’t like to watch Anime one episode a week, moreover I wouldn’t be able to write the review in the next week if the Anime season hasn’t ended yet in the first place.
  • Animes with various seasons – First, if let’s say the season that comes out is the second one, I’ll watch the first season first. Secondly I’ll go and watch all the Anime  seasons and make a review for each season. For example let’s say that the Anime has 3 distinct seasons, I’ll make 3 reviews, one for each season 😀
  • I’m not obliged to see through out all the Anime – Let’s say that the Anime is just not for me, I can drop it and the review will be the type of “Why did I drop [insert Anime name here]”.

And I think that’s all xD Since next week is new year and all I think that it is just natural starting this series in the beginning of next year and not the end of this one 😀

The first that came out was:

Library War


Hope you enjoyed this idea and that you will come with me alongside this new series eheh Comment down below how do you feel about them! And if you have any constructive feedback about them please tell me! 😀

See Ya Next Week! 😀

9 thoughts on “Random Anime Series | How Is This Going to Work?”

  1. This really is a very fun idea, and I’m seriously looking forward to it as well. I still consider myself quite a noob when it comes to anime, so I always enjoy discovering new series through the blogs I am following. So….as I said, looking forward to this, awesome idea.
    Ps…that Hentai rules description was seriously funny 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you are interested in this series! 😀 I hope I am able to deliver it the best as I can ^^ I think there will be some names of Animes not really known with this idea, that’s why I went with it! Let’s see what destiny brings us to this series 😛
      Ahahah 😀 Glad you liked it! I really don’t want to spoil any kind of childhooh 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Library Wars is a hard one to enjoy. Its entire concept was absurd, and not the good and funny kind. For the same theme of fighting censorship I’d suggest Shimoneta, even with the crass aspects included. Its less disturbing than book censors using automatic weapons to defend or attack libraries. I’m biased as a librarian, and there’s been actual mass shootings at several libraries by muslim or leftist spree killers in the last dozen years so Library Wars just hits too close to home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I«ve only watched one episode until now and I was not really that impressed to be honest. The premise seems interesting enough, but the execution… I don’t know… Need to watch some more episodes 🙂
      Thanks for the suggestion, but since this is the one that I got in the randomizer is the one that I am going to watch (at least try) for now, but I’m going to add Shimoneta to my want to watch list eheh


    1. Ahahah I thought that probably there will be some of them will be just to bad for me to watch so I had to add this rule xP moreover if the Anime is so bad that I’ll drop it the review wouldn’t change that much ahah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you’ll be missing out on the ending, but it’s really easier to just drop anime. some shows just aren’t worth the investment. xD
        good luck on your random journey!!!!

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