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TOP 3 Video Games I played This Year | Yeah It’s a Filler Post

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 😀

Yeah, yeah I know… I told you that I would start the Final Fantasy series this week… But I thought a little more about it and it makes more sense to start it in the beginning of the next year as I am going to do with the Random Anime Series J So basically, today is a filler!!! \o/


A year has passed and it was the first year I had a PS4 for the full year, so I though… Why not go with the flow and also do top games for this year?? It sounds fun (although my memory sucks and probably I’m not remembering each one of them lolol -> that’s why it’s a top3). Ah and before I forget, the games don’t need to have necessarily come out this year! I’m talking the game I played this year 😛

Let’s start it then shall we?

Persona 5


No surprises here if you followed my top 10 series. I played it and it went right to my third place! 😀 I’m not going to repeat myself like for the third or fourth time, so you can read my review here!

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition


I love when game developers understand what they did wrong in the previous instalment and improve the next game taking into that account! Basically they went and got the best of Dragon Age: Origins (my second favorite game of all time) got its best parts and then went to Dragon Age 2, took their best parts and then combined them in one game and even improving it a little more! 😀 The game is just a masterpiece, one that I will do a fully review in the near future! 😀

Life is Strange


This game came out for a while now, but only this year I had the opportunity to buy all four episodes and play it from the beginning to the end. This game is just awesome. As you know I love having games where your choices matter (at least a little bit) and with the time rewind thing just makes you wonder “what if I chose the othe option”… The story, characters, vibe… Everything makes you feel that you just entered inside a movie and you are now commanding the main plot 🙂

That’s all for today guys! Wich games did you enjoyed the most this year? Comment down below!

See Ya Next Week (In 2018) 😀

15 thoughts on “TOP 3 Video Games I played This Year | Yeah It’s a Filler Post”

  1. Good choices, though I haven’t played Dragon Age; BioWare lost me a while back (I think it was the DLC for Mass Effect 3 that put me off, plus the whole ending controversy) so I haven’t played an entry in that series since 2.

    Life is Strange was interesting. I felt it fell apart a bit at the very end, but up until then it was very good and there was a nice feeling of weight and meaning to your choices. I did find Chloe an intensely dislikeable character, though, which undermined the main hook of the story a bit!

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    1. I never played mass effect so I don’t know what happened with the series… It’s a shame though because I remember mass effect being a massive game! Regarding dragon age 3 they really did a pretty good job with it. Not so good as origins but way better than the second (at least in my opinion)

      I agree with you in the life is strange ending… It felt lazy and inspiring… I was waiting for more. I did enjoy Chloe though… Yeah she has a lot of flaws, but I think they really built the character well… She didn’t had the best life and she went to the wrong path of life… I would need a post to explain how I understand her and how the way she is makes completely sense to me xD


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