7 thoughts on “Panic Attacks | When the Storm Kicks in”

    1. I thought that I was also having some sort of attack… Not a heart one because that didn’t make sense though, but I can understand why people think like that, it really feels similar to what normally a heart attack is described x/ it’s pretty scary

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  1. Thanks for writing this post. I have Panic Disorder and get really bad panic attacks when I don’t control my anxiety. Most of these work for me. I have never tried the singing thing, but I will give it a try :3

    Meditation is a huge help for my panic attacks. It doesn’t have to be formal meditation- just putting on some relaxing music, lighting an incense cone, and doing some deep breaths calms me down so much. I highly recommend it!

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    1. Thank you for reading it and liking it eheh 🙂 Well, the singing thing is just basically learn how to properly bread from your diaphragm xD It really helps because it’s more relaxing that breathing from your chest and you can inhale more hair xD

      Yeah, there are many people which medidation really helps that’s why I wrote about it 😛 However it never worked for me, it just made me to think even more in the things that were making me anxious in the first place xP


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