8 thoughts on “Gamers! Review | Playing Misunderstandings Like a Pro”

  1. This was certainly one of the few shows I have been debating about catching up from last year. I was a bit worried that it would be too focused on gaming and kind of leave other important things like character to the wayside much like Netoge from the previous year which was okay but due to its obsessive nature on gaming it was not my cup of tea. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t and look forward to watching it now!

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    1. Happy to hear that my review made you looking forward to watch it 🙂 But don’t think that the characters have a HUGE development because they don’t… But for an Anime that is going for season 2 (or at least trying) the evolution is good enough 🙂

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  2. This one is currently in my Crunchyroll que….haven’t yet found time to watch it yet. But reading through this, it sounds like a pretty fun show 😊😊 Thanks for sharing your thoughts : and also looking forward to hearing about Gantz….I bought that show last year, and having not yet had time to see it, I at least hope I did not buy a bad show lol 😂😂

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    1. Yeah it is! XD I do think they went with a little too much misunderstandings, but in the end it is pretty fun and made me laugh sometimes xD thank you for reading and commentg raistlin xp
      About Gantz… Will see xD I’m still in episode 3-4 so I don’t want to judge it with all the information xP

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  3. I liked that this show managed to continually throw my expectations away and go in a different direction. It doesn’t make for the most solid of narratives, but it makes for an amusing viewing experience where they set up the incredibly cliche moment and then pull a really weird twist in how they resolve it. I don’t know that there is a lot of rewatch value in that kind of thing, but watching the first time was fun and I really liked the interactions between the five main characters.

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    1. Great way to express it Karandi! That’s what I think about the Anime xD it can throw you unexpected scenes that are extremely funny although following cliches xP I think it may have rewatch value if you rewatch some time afterwards, just because their jokes will get you non the less, however I have terrible memory so there’s that xD

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    1. Ahah xD yeah all the main female characters are easy to like I think xD even the boys are pretty likeable! So yeah you should xD I think that the Anime is one of those that gets better around the end (although it ends in a way of an Anime that wants to go for second season ends)


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