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100 People Anime Partying & I Need a Little Help!

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So, yeah you heard that right! Our small Facebook group/party just got 100 party members! Woooohoooo!!!


But first, let me just apologize for not continuing the Anxiety series this week. The thing is, I really need some quiet and calm place to write about it and well… The last 2 weeks have been so all over the place that I was not able to have one moment of peace and quiet! This weekend I’m going to my hometown and normally I’m able to have more peace there, this way I’m going to try to continue the series next week!

Now, let’s go to the celebration again!!!! So we have at the moment 100 people in my living room (at this moment it’s already our living room) and of course I wasn’t expecting this. If you don’t really know what am I talking about, please read the original post here.

First of all I want to thank you all that came from the WordPress went to Facebook and joined this awesome party. Secondly I want to thank everyone who found us on Facebook and even though you don’t blog you wanted to join non the less. You guys are awesome!!!


However, I do need to address something. To be honest the party is pretty quiet right and I know that I am the one at fault >.< I mean… Which party is going to be awesome and entertaining if the host is never there? The thing is… Between blogging, working, house duties, family, friends… Welll you know life in general, I just don’t have the time to work on the Facebook group to create more engagement… I even asked you guys which Anime genre you prefered to have a topic to create engagement, but I didn’t have the time….

tenor (1).gif
Sorry guys!

And this is where I need your help!!!! So I need someone who likes social media in general that would like to be a host in the Anime Blogging Party (aka a group administrator). The only thing I ask from you is that you just try to launch some themes that can bring engagement from the members 🙂 Nothing too much time-consuming because I know that everyone is tight on time!

If you want to help and just be an EXTREMELY AWESOME person, comment down below, DM me on Twitter @arthifis or use my contact page in the blog!


Again, thank you so much to everyone attending the party and I hope I will be able to make the party good enough for you to have fun with it! 🙂

See You Soon! 😀


13 thoughts on “100 People Anime Partying & I Need a Little Help!”

      1. Facebook page is like a Twitter profile 😛 A Facebook group is like a group XD Don’t know how to explain it better than that ahah their purposes are different, in the page only you can post, while in the group everyone can post


  1. Well! Congrats on yet another milestone here! I understand what you are saying: I’m currently having a bit of trouble keeping up with things, especially because work is very, very busy at the moment. So I can relate. I’m not really big on social media (I have a twitter account I kind of enjoy using) but Facebook though…I have it, but I hardly use it. So, can’t really help you out. But I hope you find someone who can 😊

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 days should be a little bigger! I literally don’t stop a second in my daily life xP
      Thank you so much 🙂 it’s the thought that counts eheh and yeah Facebook is dying little by little! I do hope so 2, other way the party will die sooner or later x(

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  2. I really like seeing the posts that come up in the group, but unfortunately I’m also kind of tapped out for time at the moment, so wouldn’t be much help to you. I hope you find someone as the group was a really great idea.

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    1. Oh thank you so much Karandi! 🙂 Don’t worry, I understand perfectly! I hope that too, I really don’t want the group to die… Maybe I should just sit one day and schedule posts for like a month? XD I dunno! Really need to think this through if I can’t find someone :/

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