34 thoughts on “Growing Step by Step!”

  1. YAY – I’m so happy you found time for this – thank you so much! I’m still very flustered about yuor weekend post. To have someone as kind and considerate call me an influence is one of the greatest compliments I can think of and I’m trying to figure out how to work it into my resume…

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    1. Thank YOU for nominating me! 😀
      Looool! Well, the resume maybe not, but be aware if you are thinking on adding it on your LinkedIn profile, you may just not see the end for people trying to recruit you! 😀

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    2. For future reference: he’s not the only one you know …
      If you would like a letter of recommendation I would happily write one for you dear Irina (assuming you found a way to include it in your resume) ❤

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      1. Funny story – I have never interviewed for a job and as such I don’t actually have a resume. I am thinking I should create one just to show off how many awesome online friends I have!

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      2. Whaaat? How are things done in Canada? Oo
        Well, I mean… You are cool as that, now that I think for a sec, it’s just normal that you never had to do an interview xD
        I’m completely on board with that and loved to see it! 😛

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      3. I basically stayed in school until they kicked me out into an internship and went from there… Since I’m in a field that is still really understaffed in my country there’s a lot of aggressive recruiting happening.

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      4. You can call that aggressive xD To the point of not even doing an interview your job must need like 3 arms or something like that…. Ah! Now I understand how you can catch up with all the blogs! You don’t have clones, but you have extra arms!!!!!!


    3. We’ll….just like Chizure mentioned….it’s probably not going to be a very huge surprise that I would also write that same letter of recommendation. Maybe we could make this a group effort. I think that wherever you apply having over 500 letters with recommendations is bound to get you a job right?😂😂

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  2. What a lovely post and thank you for nominating me! It me, Anime Q and A though I comment under Cactus Matt, and I am in fact male, but I have no issue being identified as whatever, I’m not fussy (and yes I would very much like to change gender for a day)! lol

    To answer your questions, I am both the asker of the questions and the answerer, I find the conversational style the easiest way to write reviews, I have so much fun writing them and I’m glad others have so much fun reading them!

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    1. There! Just made your dream come true for some minutes xD
      Then, you sir, just amaze the most! It’s art to be able to write in the conversation format and make it so fluid and natural as you do! Hat’s off for you!

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  3. Waaaa ~ ! I’m beet red and it’s your fault Arthifis! Thank you so very much for including me in this. I would have done this first because I was already tagged and I was going to include you in it! You beat me to it. But I still think I will include you nonetheless ^^ About my blog – I have you to thank for that design/theme too. So thank you again dear Arty-sis and hope we keep growing together in this community!
    That J. Law gif will never get old. Love that you keep using it.

    Tackling you with lots of hugs (virtual hugs!). I’m adorable that way. ❤

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    1. I win! Muahahahahah xD Just kidding! It’s so kind of you to think of me while doing the tag eheh
      Cheers to everyone’s growth! 😀
      And yes, I’ll use it forever! Unless I find even a better gif of her (I was really inclined to use the one she says “I beat Meryl”, but I ended up using the one I always use eheh

      Thaaaank you!!!!! I know you are eheheh I’m sending the hugs back by the way! ❤

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  4. Congratulations on this award! (Ant of course the 1000 others that are bound to be sent your way over the coming months! 😂😂 ) Seriously though, like Irina I’m still pretty much stunned about your post from. I told people at work again (yes I am still trying to increase your fame) and everyone just thought it was such an amazingly nice thing that you have done. So…in other words: you more than deserve this award. Keep on growing and growing: you are bound to hit those 200 followers and beyond in no time! 😊😊

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    1. Ooooooh thank you much :$ Again, if I go to Holland and don’t find a troupe of fans waiting for me I will be disappointed Raist! But really, it makes me really happy (and embarassed that you have been comenting about my little place with your friends ^.^
      Cheers to everyone growing together \o/ (And I hope it will take a while, I’m still sore with the other 100 push-ups! XD Just kidding!)

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      1. Haha: no need to feel embarrassed at all. It’s all good talk: so really no worries on that front!. And of course I will be right there when you do go to Holland as the leader of that group of fans lol 😂
        Well…it’s going faster then you think: you already passed 150 followers: awesome! 😀😀

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  5. Well, I think it’s not surprising you got nominated.. You deserve this award and other awards.. Your blog is amazing and definitely as a person, you’re even more amazing… COngrats with this and have a great day… or night. 🙂 It’s past midnight where I am. :0

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