17 thoughts on “Natsume: Book of Friends Review | Is it a Cat? Is it a Pig? It’s Nyanko-Sensei!”

      1. I rarely interact with real people (excluding of course the the ones in the internet/blogging comunity). I feel better alone these days with my books and series to watch 😀

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      2. Aaah now I understood it xD well, you feel OK like that then it’s not a problem in a bit! However if you ever feel lonely or something like that you know where to find me 😉

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  1. This one is definitely a must watch and hopefully you get to watch the rest of the seasons soon. I’m completely in love with this series and it is always great to hear that someone else has found it and fallen in love.

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  2. ” Yes, this is a filler post”. Erm….that’s a joke right? Let me edit that first line: ” Yes, this is a great post! ” That sounds much better right?😀
    Okay moving on….I have had this series recommended to me by so many people, most notably Karandi…I guess I have to go and start watching this at some point. Maybe I will just call in sick next week, so I can binge watch it with all you three by satellite uplink 😂😂
    Great post my friend!..thanks for the reminder that my to watch list is just so huge that I tend to forget some animes that I still need to watch 😂😂

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    1. Oh, well being a filler doesn’t mean it’s bad right? XD But thank you so much! If ever become a conceited little brat it’s your fault (Just, so you know :P) Kidding, thank you and I’m really happy that you liked the post eheh
      The more the merrier!!! 😀 Let’s all get together! I bring the popcorn… Well, I can’t give it to you since it’s by Internet and so on… Ok! We all bring popcorn!
      My boyfriend was the same as you! I had to sell this Anime really hard until he finally decided to watch it and of course he’s loving it! 😛
      Loool, that make us both of us! Even I put them all in my Anime List, the list is just so huge at the moment that I don’t even know what is in there right now ahah

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      1. Hahaha..well I’m glad to hear I am not the only one that has these problems. I really couldn’t say what is on that list anymore either…and even a bigger problem is that every day more shows get added to it too lol 😂😂
        But yeah cool: I will fire up the microwave for the popcorn..lol. Awesomeness 😀😀😀

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