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Hi guys and welcome to my place! 🙂

Today I bring you a new feature that we started in the Anime Blogging Party happening in Facebook! If you want to join us come here!

What is the idea then? Well, basically each week a person of the group (who wanted to participate) will be randomly picked and they will choose an Anime. Everyone there then gives their thoughts in the comments. At the end of the week the discussion is ended and who wants to do it can feature the discussion in their own blog! 🙂 (Not obligatory though, don’t want to impose work to anyone xD).


So I was the one who started this new series and I chose Another… I know, it’s the third time addressing Another in my blog, but I really wanted to know what people though about it… So here is the discussion!!!!

Jon Spencer was the one starting the discussion:

So I actually wrote up a review of this a long time ago when my site was relatively new. You can read that if you want here:…/another-review/ (Guys go read it!)

I don’t think the show is particularly scary, it’s more humerous than anything, however, I do think that it executes a mystery narrative relatively well. Anime in general is pretty bad when it comes to the mystery genre at actually creating a proper mystery that the viewer can solve. Another is a show that successfully does this. Though, this may no be apparent without a rewatch or two for some viewers.

A lot of folks rail on Another but I would recommend giving it a go, there are far worse “horror” anime out there and this one is entertaining at the very least.

kimchisama: For me the dolls were a creep factor. I think it is a pretty specific trigger though and I really enjoyed how the plot unfolded in the end.

Marth Aurion: I agree that the show ended up being more humor than horror. it’s been a while, so i dont remember all of the details, but i remember liking how the show presented mob mentality. it does a good job of showing how people latch on to superstitions in tense situations and kinda poses the question of how good or bad that tendency is.

kimchisama: Very true. Mob mentality can be the scariest thing. People will believe and do things to protect themselves. As long as they aren’t the ones getting hurt and that they can stay out of the path of destruction

Arthifis: That mob mentality is really true! I also agree with Jon. Although not scary, the Anime really delivers well the Mistery part, making you to seat on the edge of your chair and making all these calculations to understand who the hell is the one that is the ghost (?)… Yeah let’s call it a ghost. For me any mistery kind of enternaiment that makes you to try to figure things out with the clues given is doing a good job.

Couch Cruisin:  I’ve never watched Another. Gonna have to give it the whole college try.

Jon SpencerIt’s pretty short. Lot of good memes come out of it too

And that’s it! 😀 Comment down below if you like this kind of posts or not and hey! Come join us in our discussions at Anime Blogging Party!!!


See You Soon! 😀

19 thoughts on “ABP Discussions – Another | Discussing Anime as Ladies and Gentleman”

  1. This is interesting, I’d never think about using Facebook for anime discussion but then again my Facebook is filled with idiots from high school and racist relatives so I guess it’s all about how you use it!

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    1. Loool I know what you mean! 🙂 But since this is a facebook group only people I decide can enter, in fact enters xD And if they end up being idiots… Well, you just need to kick them out 😛

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      1. I chose Another because in the other day when I asked people which genre of Animes prefered, the answers were more into the darker, horror and pshychological ones! 😛 But as I said to Karandi it’s normal missing the first one eheh Besides, there will be plenty for you to participate in eheh

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  2. I’m not very active on Facebook I have to say (I honestly would not know how to keep with WordPress, Twitter …and Facebook), but I do think it is a great idea. And…Another is just an awesome anime (and really one of my all time favourites) The atmosphere in that is just terrific (in fact I got so obsessed with it that I even bought the novel and the manga 😀).

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    1. I know what you feel… I do have a Facebook page but I don’t really post much in the last few days. About the Anime Blogging Party, well it only needs for mr o take action once or twice a week, so It’s not really that time consuming eheh
      Of course, I completely agree with you regarding Another! It IS featured on my Top 10 Anime xD So, that says everything! I never read the manga though, maybe I should invest my time on it since the manga is always more comlete than the Anime

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      1. I haven’t yet started on the manga myself (it’s been on my bookshelf for ages lol) but I hope to somewhere this year. The novel I have read though and it was very good. Pretty much covers everything the anime did as well.
        Hope to get started on the manga somewhere this year 😊

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    1. Well, everyone has their ways to see things I would say 😀 Although I understand finding things funny while others don’t, specially when it comes to horror movies! ahah People will be getting scared and I’ll just be laughing in a corner because the movie isn’t that great to begin with XD

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