11 thoughts on “Classroom of the Elite | Or Not that Elite”

  1. The opening song is by ZAQ, which is why it’s really good!
    As for the story and characters, I would have to disagree if you said they fit into stereotypes, because I felt that they were all new types of characters not commonly seen before, such as how you mentioned Kikyou is a girl that appears to be popular and sociable but is actually another type all together! The main character also has a very curious backstory that I really want to find out about but never had the chance to, since this anime got the “read the light novel” treatment…
    Either way, I found that this anime was a fantastic watch and is in desperate need of a season 2.
    Great review overall! Would not have thought of all these again if not for your in-depth analysis 😛

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    1. Maybe I explained myself wrong! 😛 I don’t think in a bit that the story or characters are cliché! 😛 But I’ve seen some people saying that the Anime was cliché and well, I did some work with the Animes I’ve watched and yes, they do resemble other characters from other Animes, but their own details and back stories make them a completely different character from what I’ve seen so far xD
      That makes both of us! Really want to see season 2 eheh
      Thank you so much! ^.^ Glad you liked it eheh

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  2. I loved the anime and I remember grinning through the binge watch session because of how good it was!
    The class division theme itself is a cliche that we have seen in Baka Test and Assassination classroom; but as you said, if it’s well executed, no harm in it being a cliché.

    Great post!

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    1. It’s really a great Anime and I think it didn’t receive the love it deserved to be honest. Yeah, you also have that, but let’s face it… It’s just normal that you get into a time where you will have settings similar to others, I mean how couldn’t it be like this with the amount of Anime that already came out

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    1. Ahahah Even if you see the Anime as a cliché, it has his own details and differences, so I wouldn’t call the Anime in overall cliché. Moreover it’s really well executed, so even if you see the Anime as cliché in overall, it’s a good cliché! 😀

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