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Let’s Celebrate Women | Top 10 Female Characters in Video Games

Hi guys and welcome to my place! πŸ˜€

Today is the International Women’s day and I just couldn’t bypass that! This way, the Final Fantasy series will be postponed to next week.

If we have been following for some time you already now that I am completely forward equality. I see everyone as equal and I try my best not to feel prejudice towards anyone without first meeting them. I see a guy and a girl equal, I see a 8-year-old and a 80-year-old equal, race, believes… It all comes to one thing, if I see you respect others I’ll respect you! If you don’t well don’t expect me to do it, even if you are 90 years old and think that you have all the power in the world because of your age.

anime respect.gif

Now, that being said, I think International Women’s day is important! And yeah, I know what some people think right way, well if we are equal then why isn’t there a men’s international day, that would be the right thing to do! Well, let me explain you, Women all over the world had to fight a lot more to have the same rights as men! I had a paragraph already written about the history of the Women’s rights, but to be honest I don’t really know all the details so before I pass wrong information I just dare you to google it and find it for yourselves. But, in summary, it’s in my believes that it was in the First World War where there was the turning point where the average women started working filling the gaps left by the men that went to war. Non the less, it took a lot of efforts and a lot of fighting to be able to start having the same rights as man, especially in the working place.

Let’s face it, even today there is a gap! Women still earn less than men in average, even in developed countries where the gap is way thinner than in other countries. And let’s not talk about those countries where the women is still seen as an object and men’s pocession! So, yes I believe it’s important to have this day and it’s still important to bring awareness towards these problems! πŸ™‚ Of course there are other problems in the world that need to be addressed and some of them are towards inequality towards the minorities and yes I think those also deserve awareness, but we are so many in this World that of course we can join forces and work all of them at the same time! (Going for the LGBTQ+ rights here!).


Now let’s start it shall we? There are many female characters across video games who I loved, so although I’m going to give a ranking, take notice that they are all really close and if I wrote the same post tomorrow the ranking probably would be different. Moreover, contrary to Anime I don’t have a list of all games I’ve played until today, so probably I will miss one or another! I also want to add that I’m the kind of guy that always prefer to play with a female character when I have the choice… I think it’s because they are more cool than the guys… I dunno xD But hey! Let’s start:

10. Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury & King of Fighters

mai shiranui .gif

Ok, I know I always defend brains before boobs and I’m going to sound a little liar at this moment, but Mai was one of my first crushes when I was a kid. I don’t really know her background or story to be honest, I only know that I always picked her when playing King of Fighters and she would be my trump card… And yes, even in that day those boobs would just bounce like that. I just loved how she was cute but fierce at the same time and well, she just hit the stop when comes to fighting! (Random Fact about me: I would always go with the team Mai, Benimaru and Chang while playing King of Fighters 97).

9.Β Anne from Persona 5

Anne Takamki.gif

Anne is just the cutest thing! However, there is more than it meets the eye. Used to be a castaway due to her appearance being so different from the other girls at school and just for being gorgeous, Anne had to go through a lot of effort to have strength to continue fighting and being herself. She does have a good character development throughout the main story, but it’s when you are developing her relationship that she shines the most. Although a little naive she is trying to find her way and fight for her dreams. By feeling bad for not being able to help her best friend when she needed the most, Anne strives to do her best and just become a better person overall.

8. Joyce Price from Life is Strange

Joyce Price.gif

Joyce just makes me remember my mother so much that I instantly liked her. She went through a lot. Her husband died much earlier than he should and she just saw herself alone trying to pay all the bills and raise a kid alone (Although I was way easier teenager than Chloe). By only looking at her face you know that she past her share of difficulties, however she never dropped her arms and continues fighting and living day by day trying to do her best. Since my mother is in fact the woman who I love the most and that inspires me the most to push forward even when everything seems not have any kind of solution I had to put Joyce in this list.

7. Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Lulu Final Fantasy X.gif

I’ve already talked about Lulu in here, but again I need to address her. Again not the “main character” but the smartest one of the bunch. She is the voice of reason and although not that old she is like a mother to Yuna always comforting her and giving her words of wisdom. She is those type of characters that speak their mind and don’t give a F about if you like it or not! She’s extremely loyal and if she sees that you are not doing the right thing (or smartest) she will speak her mind and give her advice! For me those are the most important friends. And let’s face it her design is one of the best I ever seen and she immediately catched my attention when she appeared in the game.

6. Ellie from Last Of Us

Ellie Last of Us bow.gif

The cure of humanity… and a brat, at least in the beginning of Last of Us. The thing about Ellie is that she develops hugely throughout the story. She starts as this little brat who always has a response, speaks her mind and well, doesn’t give a F about anything, however it doesn’t take a lot of time for you to be able to see her kind and gentle side. I will do a review of Last of Us where I believe the character developments is the highest point of the game. She is always able to put a smile on me or make me like her even more with each random conversation she strikes while you are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Moreover, it’s just melts your heart down seeing her so curious about the outside world and how things were done, something that she was never able to do, things that are just completely normal to us like take a walk in the woods. Moreover, with the DLC which shows her background and her alone trying to survive just makes you like her even more! I mean, if I was her I would just probably stop in fear and not be able to move!

5. Morrigan from Dragon Age series

Morrigan Dragon Age.gif

Morrigan just knows what she wants, when she wants and how she wants and then she takes it! Again, another smart female character which doesn’t give a F of what you think about her. She is a witch of the wilds and everyone knows that the witch of the wilds will come and eat your children! She always lived with her mother in the wilds and even though she went travelling and meet humans from the nearby cities you can say that she is way more inside her comfort zone when dealing with animals than people. She However, she is sent by her mother to go with the Hero’s group in Dragon Age Origins so she can help to fight the blight. I would say that she starts with the personality of a stray animal. Always in her toes and responding back at everything, however with all the character development you have in Dragon Age when developing their relationships you start to see her softer side and concerns. She starts opening to you little by little and it’s just impossible that you don’t start liking her. However, if she’s with you she wants something from you! But I won’t say to you what is it because… Spoilers! πŸ˜€ She is just a genius and a badass with strong personality, basically my kind of girl! She shows up later in Dragon Age: Inquisition (the third game) and it’s just a delight to see her as a more mature female character and although she would kill me if she heard me, she resembles a lot of her mother!

4. Leliana from Dragon Age Series

Leliana Dragon Age Inquisition.gif

You know, when a someone makes a masterpiece as Dragon Age is just natural that you fall in love with a lot of characters! Leliana is basically the contrary to Morrigan. However, she does have her secrets. Leliana is kind and works for the greater good of the humanity. She always tries to do the right and correct thing. However, she was not always like that. Before the Dragon Age: Origins events she was a bard in her home country and won her life murdering people. Lying, deceiving, assassination, putting a charade… She knows it all but decides to stop and live a better life. Leliana appears in the 3 installments and has a DLC with her background story, this way you realize she is loved by many. She is kind but a badass at the same time when she needs to be. Shes is basically the kind of girl I would love to have for a friend, she never imposes her opinions towards you but she is always there to give her advice and help you in time of need.

3. Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid


One of the reasons that Metal Gear Solid is just an excellent game! Meryl characterization is one of the best ever made in the Video Games history. It amazes me how they were able to express so many emotions and small details that we do when talking only with voice over, because during that time we didn’t have the face expressions that we are now used to in this video games generation. Although the graphics are not last generation they were able to throw Meryl and make you feel and see her as a human. She is just a green horn when it’s about war and stealth, however she ends up in the same facility as Snake with the same objective, although she has something personal regarding the subject and the mission. It’s just delightful to see her evolution throughout the game, from just a girl trying to play soldiers to a more secure and badass woman. But in the end, she is Meryl, just a kind-hearted girl who hates war but sees herself obliged to pursue this path to make things right with her past.

2. Flemeth from Dragon Age series

Flemeth Dragon Age.gif

It’s the last character from Dragon Age I swear!!!! I’ve also talked about Flemeth a lot of times. For me she is just one of the more intelligent characters I’ve seen so far in a game. She is able to see what is going to happen GAMES ahead of her! I don’t want to give much of her story because *spoilers* but basically she just amazed many times in how intelligent she is… Of course after Dragon Age: Inquisition big revelation at the end about this character everything starts to make sense, but well, you need to play three games until you know something like that! Basically I live by one of her phrases that I used in my quote tag that you can read here, so of course she has to be way higher in the lader. Although she doesn’t give you all and make things to you, she will just point you to the right direction to solve things out, however she will let you do things in your away and strongly believes that the journey is important for you to build character and strength enough to face the final battle. If you hear her words she is full of great advice and nice quotes for you to implement in your life, even if you are not fighting the blight! πŸ˜€ One of the best characters made in a game and I would love a DLC or something that would focus on her story and make her the main character of the game!

1. Tifa from Final Fantasy VII

Tifa badass.gif

My ultimate crush honestly! I’ve always been team Tifa and I do think she is way a better catch for Clouth than Aeris. Tifa is Cloud’s best friend and one of the most loyal people I ever got to meet in Video Games. She is that kind of female characters that are kind, sweet and a badass at the same time! I mean she fights with her fists! She lost everything when her hometown was attacked by Sephiroth, however she continued pushing forward and when you meet her, some years after the event, she makes part of a group trying to save the planet from Shinra’s industrialization (although they are seen as rebels/terrorists). She is always there for Cloud and like him she is the only one who doesn’t have anyone to come back to when everything is done! It amazes me how kind she still is after so many things she went through and you know she still suffers from it. It’s hard to put in words in how extremely great character she is, so you will just have to believe in me, she is great beyond words and I would love to have the opportunity to meet her! πŸ˜€

And that’s it everyone! Tell me in the comments who are your favourite female characters! πŸ˜€

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See You Soon! πŸ˜€

23 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Women | Top 10 Female Characters in Video Games”

    1. Oh yeah! Futaba is a great character too! Damn it, copletely forgot about her… Well, I did say that if I was to write this list tomorrow the outcome would be different xD
      Thank you eheh

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    1. Completely agree with you! πŸ˜€ I also don’t really understand why they say gaming has no strong woman… Maybe because the more mainstream ones didn’t have the characters as the main one of the story? Although in this time and day people can’t even use that argument!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I was waiting for this comment muahahah xD I thought about her! XD A lot to be honest ahah but in the end she didn’t resonate with me that much (although I cried when she died)… She is too goody goody for my taste! But, well, everyone has different tastes and it’s ok, that’s why meeting people is so much fun πŸ˜›
      But, yes, although not in top10 she is in the higher ranks for me!


    1. I also loved Jade! Don’t know why I never ended that game to be honest! Mirror’s Edge it’s a game that I still didn’t play it so, maybe after I do she enters the top 10, we never know πŸ˜›
      And regarding Final Fantasy CIV I also didn’t play it, so can’t really discuss that xD

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  1. It’s a good list, though it’s a little disappointing that Samus isn’t on it. Then again, there are way more than ten good female characters, so narrowing it down likely would’ve been quite difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can I be honest? I know you will kill me, even from a distance… But I never played Metroid… There, I said it!!! >.<
      I know, I know… The game is a classic and considered one of the best games ever, but I just can't see myself enjoying the game… I feel that the game would be too much mecha for me :/
      And yea, it's hard to narrow it down and as I said, if I wrote this list tomorrow probably the outcome would be different.


      1. I’d say give the series a chance. There is quite a lot of ingenuity to be found in those games – even to this day. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime make for good starting points.

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  2. Love leli but Cassandra sort of melted my heart. Velvet from berseria holds her own. Pretty much all Danganronpa ladies as well. Ive always had a soft spot for Maya from Septerra oh abd Femshep from ME2. Samus… I should stop now

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, Cassandra is also a great character! To be honest there is not even one character from Dragon Age Inquisition that I don’t like! All of them are so damn well constructed!
      Tales of Berseria I still need to play it bah but from what I’ve seen it’s seems she is the kind of character that just makes me fall for her in a second!
      Dangaroopa I’m playing right now xD At the moment I can only say that I like Aoi, Celestia, Junko and Kyoko xP
      Never played Septerra, ME2 and Metroid so I really can’t comment on that, but I believe you πŸ˜€

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  3. Tifa is an awesome character. I was always Team Tifa as well. Her fighting sequence in AC is also awesome. I wasn’t very good at playing her in Dissidia, but I want her on my team in Remake.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaiii! From now on we are besties! πŸ˜€ And yeah, that fight with piano jamming in the back was SO GOOD!
      I dropped Dissidia really quickly unfortenelly, maybe I will give it another go with the remake πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great list. Some of my fave females from gaming include Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2) and Akane Kurashiki (Zero Escape trilogy.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m at this moment playing Dangaronpa 1 and I’ll be going to the second installment right away so I’m curious to see how Chiaki is now xD
      AND THANK YOU! I wanted to play Zero Escape but I deleted the name of it without realizing and I couldn’t remember the name! Now I can finally play it! πŸ˜€

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