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World Of Final Fantasy | CUTE!

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It’s time to continue with the Final Fantasy series and today I bring you a game that I played somewhat recently, World of Final Fantasy. This game was released to celebrate the series’ thirtieth anniversary and as you can see from the visuals, it aimed to attract a younger audience.

World of Final Fantasy Intro.jpg

The Story:

The story begins in a town called Nine Wood Hills where the twin brothers Laan and Reynn wake up one day with amnesia. They are told by the World’s Goddess, Enna Kros, that they must enter a portal to enter the world of Grymoire, a place where they will probably be able to recover their memories. They are accompanied by Tama, a mirage, who explains them of the power in their arms to capture and control other Mirages (basically Final Fantasy Monsters). Tama also explains them that they are what you people call Mirage Keepers and to regain their memories they need to imprism the highest number of mirages they can.

World of Final Fantasy Intro 2.gif

This way, they part their ways and travel across Grymoire where the siblings encounter multiple Final Fantasy characters divided into different factions. At the same time Grymoire faces the threat of the Bahamutian Army which is trying to cast the place into chaos. So, what was to be just travelling grymoire getting mirages ends up in a battle against the Bahamutian Army and saving Grymoire.

To be honest the story is not that deep or intriguing. You end going town to town and in each one of them there is a problem for that you end up solving. However, these problems are not what you would say that interesting. However, I can say that further into the game there is a great plot twist that catched me off guard, but in general the story is simple ad straight forward, which does make sense since the game was aiming for a younger crowd.

World of Final Fantasy Tifa.jpg

The Characters:

Almost everyone you will meet is going to have that sense of good person/companion around them. You will find many iconic characters from the Final Fantasy franchise which for me was just GREAT because I would fangirl over everyone, but in the end, the side characters do not receive that much of evolution and end up feeling a little shallow. However, since you find so many people along your journey it ends up to be normal that they can’t give them deep stories to everyone.

Regarding the main characters. The twin brother are contrary to each other. While Laan is the kind of do first, think later and is not the brightest of the land you have Reynn which is way more focused and way more intelligent, she basically starts to understand the bigger issue way sooner than everyone else. Tama, who is always there for you is just the cutest of the mirages and I really liked her/him (I don’t really know the gender). They do have evolution along the story, especially when things seem not going that well. So I would say they work well with each other and they were a nice troop to have exploring Grymoire. You have all these conversations while exploring and most of them are fun and make you smile!

World of Final FAntasy Characters.jpg

The Gameplay:

This one is going to be hard to explain, but I will do my best! The game follows  a Turned Based Combat System (which for me was good, since I love this combat system and we are seeing it less and less on RPGs). As I told you will be catching Final Fantasy monsters here called Mirages and you need to stack them up to Laan and Reynn, so in the end you will have 6 characters fighting in 2 stacks (so 3 for each stack). All of them have a size that goes from Small to Large and you will have to make stacks that will have a Large at the bottom, a Medium at the Center and a Small at the top, being Reynn and Laan only able to have Medium or Large form. Here is where the fun truly begins!

Each monster has a different board of skills which you will need to level to get further in it and get stronger skills and even evolving them. Moreover, depending in the combinations you do you will be able to come up with joint attacks that you normally wouldn’t be able to do it. However, you do need to take into account your stability. Stability is important because it dictates the amount of attacks that will make your stack to start getting off-balance and eventually fall down and of course when this happens your team will unstack and become dizzy for a short period.

World-of-Final-Fantasy-stackingWorld of Final Fanatsy Battle System

More than the monsters of Final Fantasy you will also have the Final Fantasy heroes fighting alongside you. However, they come up like summonings instead of playable characters which for me is a shame, but hey… I’m such a huge fan that I don’t mind.

So, basically the gameplay is really fun! There are many combinations you can do and if you are a Final Fantasy fan you will love seeing all the iconic monsters and favourite characters fighting together as a team. However, if you are a 100% completer as me you will need to be the kind of people who like to grind because it takes a considerable amount of time to evolve all the mirages and getting them all.

World Of Final Fantasy Cloud

The Music/Graphics:

I loved the design of the characters and monsters! Although aimed to a younger audience I can say that I just find them SO CUTE!!! They did a pretty good job and I love all the designs, specially of the mirages who are at the same time cute and cool!

Regarding the environment and maps it was also nice to see iconic maps from the Final Fantasy series brought to live again in a brighter and cuter way. You will have for example the Train Graveyeard from Final Fantasy VII, Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy VIII and so on.

 World of Final Fantasy environment.png

One thing that did feel a lot out of the place was the faces expressions in the cut scenes as also the voice over and mouth animation (and yes I tried with both english and japanese versions). It took a lot of time for me to be able to bypass this and be able to enjoy the cutscenes since most of the time I just felt that everything was out-of-place.

Regarding the OST, the game picks the music from all the Final Fantasy franchise did a little work on them and that’s it! For me, as a huge fan of the Final Fantasy music was LIT! Of course my favourite has to be: (Mobile users can hear it here).

In conclusion, if you are a huge Final Fantasy fan I recommend you to try this game! It’s true that the story ends up being a little flat and there are some problems around the animation/audio, but you have to LOVE those cameos! Even if you are not a fan, the gameplay is entertaining enough to make you like the game and enjoy yourself!

I rate World Of Final Fantasy:

World Of Final Fantasy Review.png

Have you played World of Final Fantasy? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments! If not, are you thinking on playing it? 😀

World of Final Fantasy Sephiroth.gif

See You Soon! 😀

6 thoughts on “World Of Final Fantasy | CUTE!”

  1. This was super cute and I loved the whole vibe of the game 🙂 Alas I found the mechanics got a bit fiddly for my tastes so I never got very far with it. Was gorgeous to look at though 🙂

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  2. I haven’t played this game yet, but it looks really great. The art style for the main characters resemble those of The World Ends With You. The way the characters stack on each other is very amusing.

    Liked by 1 person

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