53 thoughts on “The Hunger Games | Anime Edition”

    1. Thank you! 😀 Well, it happens! I did try to pick some more well known, but it’s just normal that there will always be characters that people will not know, so don’t fret about it xD

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      1. Oh, but I am completely lost when it comes to anime one should know about. You are talking to the person who hasn’t seen Cowboy Bebop (which apparently is something one has to see or else one is a bad anime fan or something smh) and just a week ago watched Akira for the first time. I have watched exactly 1,5 episodes of Naruto. I do know more than well who he is though. So, I don’t think I am the norm when it comes to know about these things. 😎

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      2. I never saw Cowboy Bebop and never saw Akira… Now I’m doubting myself…. ahahah just kidding! XD Well, it’s interesting having someone who are into Anime and didn’t watch the “popular” ones! Interesting like in a positive way XD

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      3. Bad fan, Arthifis, bad fan. 😎 I actually started to watch Bleach but got lost somewhere around episode 40 and since then I haven’t really felt like taking it up again. I like Ichigo though so maybe I should. 🤔

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      1. Well I was talking about the hunger games xD but nope I still need to finish season 2! Loved season 1 though! And yeah my Favourite were also nice and Murasaki xp


      2. Oh yea, the game yes it would be cool if he stay alive for a long time.
        Aaaaaaaa season 2…. will say nothing about it other than I enjoy it even if I wanted to strangle someone…

        You know we should totally do a collab about handsome anime characters one day 😁

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      3. Ahahah since I’m going to be a little more relaxed around the random Anime reviews I’ll going to finish it in the near future!

        Ooooh I’m completely into that!!! Tell me your availability and we’ll work it out!


      4. I have a lot of review to write…a lot 😂😂 slowly finishing the Fall 2017 one.

        Since we will mostly talk through Twitter, I’m pretty much available anytime.
        But my day off are usually Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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  1. You are literally bursting with ideas! I actually only know most of these through various pop culture things and anime reviews. I haven’t seen any of these anime, but it will still be interesting. Personally, I’ll be rooting for pikachu.

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    1. Oh thank you! This comment made me happier than you may think since I’ve been feeling a little more negative in the past few days… But I’ll talk about that tomorrow ^.^

      Oh that’s a shame 😦 I did try to go with the most popular ones this time so people would engage more :X

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      1. Hey, I knew most of these even before I started watching anime, so I would assume most people have an opinion on the characters like I do, regardless of watch status.

        *looks over at plyasm* I’m wondering if he’s telling the whole truth… 😑 lol


      1. No harm done! XD just a little misscommunication between us xP although I have to disagree on something with you… Even if he was important to the story he’s way too annoying so he would deserve to die nontheless xp

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      1. arthifis.wordpress.com/tag/hunger-games/
        That’s where it is! 😀 Try to scroll down to the beginning without taking attention to the posts so you don’t get spoiled ahah Hope you like it eheh


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