19 thoughts on “The Hunger Games: Anime Edition |The First Cannon-Shot”

  1. You have style in your writing for sure. Very enjoyable. Liked the naruto perspective even though he doesn’t kill anyone or get killed. You could put this up on a fiction website when your done I’ll bet.

    I’m not surprised that Excalibur was the first to go. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s not well liked.

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    1. Really? Thank you~! I always feel that I don’t have the best words/writing style for this kind of stuff xD Well, I don’t know about that… One thing is doing it on my blog other thing is to put this near people who could be professional writers if they wanted to xD

      To be honest it was a close call xD But yeah, I was definetely expecting this outcome first xP

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      1. I think this would actually be very good in comparison to lot of fan fiction work. I’ve spent way too much time reading fan fiction. Half of it sucks and half of it is unfinished. Meaning only 25% of what I have come across is actually good and completed sadly.

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    1. Thank you~! 😀 I was a little scared that I was doing Erza too “evil” with she killing him in cold blood… But, well that has to happen in the Hunger Games xD
      Thank you~! Looking forward to write it! As you I don’t really know who is going to die next ahah

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    1. Thank you~! Yeap! Just hope that I’m able to come up with interesting deaths every time >.<

      Hmmm… To be honest I don't know! XD Like you I don't really know who will die next, but I think I'll try to do a lot of different perspectives, like changing from third party to the killer and then to the victin and then to a storyteller. My idea is that no one is able to pinpoin who is going to die/kill in the first lines of the post 😛

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