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Heavy Rain Review | The Origami Killer

Hi everyone and welcome to our place!

Finally the Final Fantasy Series ended (see what I did there? xD). Well, to be honest I’ve been playing Final Fantasy Tatics A2 for the Nitendo DS but it is still soon to write about it and since I only have a theme for April… You guessed it! I had to input some random game in there to make the bridge!!

heavy rain review bridge.gif
It’s not stupid if it works!


Although random this game quality is over the top, so don’t think that because I just picked this for today’s random post is going to be a “meh” game, much on the contrary, I loved the heck of this game and I was wanting to review it for some time now!

Heavy Rain is those kind of games that you it’s like watching a movie which plot depends on what you choose and what you do. The game was released for the Playstation 3 in 2010, but I just played it on my PS4 some months ago (I wasn’t able to buy the ps3 so no games from there until they come to ps4 >.<).

heavy rain review intro.jpg

Ok… Now, if I say this is one of those games that are like watching a movie there are two main points that they need (in my opinion ofc) to really develop extremely well to make it good and interesting instead of… Just boring (?) that is story and music! Let’s face it, you will not get different strategies to think about or make sure to count every bullet as a headshot when replaying it in hardcore/impossibru/hot sauce level (I dunno, games seem to give the harder difficulties stranger and stranger names! Easy, normal and hard are things from the past everyone) the only thing they have in their pockets to give you is an excellent story (interesting characters would is a big plus) and a cinematic OST that believe me, makes completely the difference!

That said, let’s start with the premise of the story so you can understand a little more about what is Heavy Rain. If this would be a movie it would be a policial/suspense one, but you know… A great one! The story is about a crime that is happening, a guy/girl named the Origami Killer kidnap children in rainy days and they show up death some days later with an origami near their corpse. That’s why it’s called Heavy Rain and that’s why the murderer is called the Origami Killer! Not rocket science I know, but the way they lead the plot and how they make you discover who is, well… It completely makes all the difference!

heavy rain review control.jpg
You control everything!

So, let me see if I can explain you the story a little more in detail. The story starts as another normal day of the architect Ethan. You just get up, have a little work done (or watch TV, or just go to the backyard, you decide honestly) until you wait for your wife and kids to arrive from the grocery shop so you all can have lunch in the special occasion of Ethan’s oldest son birthday. Later they decide to go to the shopping mall (or another day, the game doesn’t really explain) and long story short, Ethan loses Jason, the oldest son, in the middle of the crowd. He ends up finding him outside in the other side of the street. The moment Jason sees his father he starts running through the street without even taking into account the car that is passing, Ethan still tries to save him by running towards him and embracing him, but in the kid ends up dying.

heavy rain review jason death.jpg

The game then goes some years later and you see that Ethan’s life is completely different. It’s not that difficult to understand that he blames himself a lot for what happened (who wouldn’t) and he ended up divorcing his wife. He is now in a different house not really in the best part of the town. He goes pick his youngest at school, who you can see that he’s not the happy kid he was some years ago and for now you just need to take care him for the day. However, if you look through the things in the house you will see that Ethan just received a letter with an origami inside. The next day Ethan and Shaun go to the park and you guessed it! Shaun is kidnapped.

From here all, your game will be trying to find Shaun while still alive and you will try to find the culprit from 4 different perspectives:

heavy rain review characters.jpg

Ethan which will be passing trial after trial sent by the origami killer for you to get clues about where is the place Shaun is. However, he doesn’t know if is suffering double personality since he do things that he can’t remember.

Heavy Rain review father.jpg
The father who can’t let his past be!

Madison, a journalist that lives alone and suffers from insomnia. The way she can sleep the best is by going to motels where she ends up finding Ethan in a pretty bad shape and with her perspicacity understands something is going on and starts helping Ethan with her own private investigation.

heavy rain review madison.jpg
The journalist who suffers from insomnia!

Norman, a FBI officer who uses some sort of virtual reality glasses to discover who is the serial killer. However, that same advantage brings him the need of taking some kind of drug which is now addicted to.

Heavy Rain Review Norman.jpg
The Drug Addicted FBI Agent

Last, but not the least, Scott, a private detective who is also trying to find the serial killer his own means as a private investigation for the parents of the children who have died.

Heavy Rain Review Scott.jpg
And the Private Detective who seems the only one more or less “normal”!

The greatest thing of the story is that ALL four of them go to completely different places, talk to different people, get different leads, different suspects, etc. but in the end, everyone is looking for the same guy!

The best thing of the game is that you really feel that you are the one writing the story! The options are countless! All characters can live… Or they can die, you can catch the culprit or not, you can save Shaun or not… You can even get to the last part of the story with everyone alive and screw all up and let the culprit get away.

Everything depends in two things: your choices and if you are able to insert the correct commands in the order and in the way it’s supposed to and this brings me the gameplay.


heavy rain review gameplay 2.jpg
Life is made of choices!

As I already said, you will be the one looking for clues and doing your own choices and the story will proceed depending on what you do. However, there is another thing that you will have to do – everything you do in the game will have you inserting commands in a certain way. Opening a door is not only pressing a button, you will need to the hand movement with the joystick for example. During the story you will have countless times that you are doing something where you need to insert the right commands in the correct way. It can be just pressing an array of commands when they appear before the time runs out, pressing a button repeatedly, or just pressing a lot of commands and maintain all of them pressed for a while – Not going to lie if you play it in hard there will be times that your hands will seem like a spider trying to press everything at the same time – depending on the situation you have to use your joystick fast or really slow. The gameplay ends up being pretty fun! Although it seems basic they developed in such a way that you really feel that the commands are making your guy do everything throughout the cutscenes due to how well synchronized they are!

heavy rain review gameplay.jpg
Even when it comes to undressing you are the one pushing the buttons!

But let’s face it, you can have the best mystery in the world, the best police pursuits, the best scenes with tension in it, but if you don’t have a OST that really transmits you that feeling the story will just feel flat. Well, don’t worry, the soundtrack is good enough to be in the movies in your nearest theatre. The game was able to really transmit the sensation of pressure, fast action and tension. Before you realize it your heart beat just raised and you are screaming inside “Run!” or “Dodge that!”… You know, the same thing we think when we are watching good movie. The difference here is that you do have the power to change events and if you want the guy to run he will run!

heavyrain review romance.jpg
You have the power!

There are only 2 things that made me a little… hesitant (if you want to call that) regarding the story. I still don’t think the oldest son would die from that incident. The cutscene is not really that well made (the game is a little old so I understand), but the thing is a kid wouldn’t die from that… I think (?). The other thing is the characters falling in love so quickly. Ok, I know… It’s just normal in this type of movies/games, I mean doesn’t Solid Snake and Meryl fall in love only in a matter of hours? Well, here the same happens and even though my love story is something similar I do think it was inserted there for the sake of the “happy ending” (if you are able to get it) and it really wasn’t needed. Nevertheless, this is that kind of situations that change a person so maybe I’m just the one being too sceptical.

heavy rain review romance gif.gif
Pushing those buttons even when it’s about the love!

In the end the game is pretty awesome! I love games where my decisions change completely future events. Some examples are Dragon Age, Life is Strange and Until Dawn. However, none of them were able to execute it so extremely well as Heavy Rain! You do have the power to change every outcome through your actions and decisions! Moreover, the replayability is gigantic! The moment you know who the culprit is you just want to go back and play it all again knowing this important info from the beginning! It changes your perspective on the story completely!

I give Heavy Rain:

Heavy Rain Rating.png

That’s it for today! Next week starts a new series! A small themed month eheh I think you will like it! 😀 Comment down below if you have or not played Heavy Rain and what do you think of it! Also, don’t feel afraid to give your feedback about this review! It really helps eheh 😀

heavy rain review end.gif

See You Soon! 😀

21 thoughts on “Heavy Rain Review | The Origami Killer”

  1. I quite enjoyed this on the PS3 🙂 I didn’t like the “torture” style challenges though and some parts made me feel like a shameful voyuer XD But it was a compelling mystery and I found myself on the edge of my seat for some of the set pieces, especially because I knew that characters could die. It really added to the tension.

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    1. I’m going to be honest… I have a dark side who loves things in the “Saw” movies genre! So, I did like the torture part ahah XD I don’t know why, but I always loved to feel uncomfortable with those things, probably that’s why I love gore and horror! XD

      Completely agree with you! And that plot twist where you finally find who is the culprit is just too good and unexpected! At least until the middle of the game xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If you like interactive movie type games I would highly recommend Until Dawn. One problem I have with Heavy Rain is the identity of the killer. It doesn’t make much sense given that during the story you are able to read their thoughts and nothing suggests they are a murderer.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I already played it and I loved it! (I’m really into horror! xD) So great suggestion!
      Hmm I understand what you mean! Well, I’m going to replay the game in the near future so I’m able to do the ending where the culprit gets away and I’ll be more attentive to that. I did replayed it for a little bit and it made sense, but I’ll see it more in detail ^^

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  3. For an immersive “movie” like game experience I agree Heavy Rain was quite enjoyable. It created a fun experience that is one of the more effective mystery adventure games in gaming purely because of how it does have your decisions affect everything and not just offer the illusion of it like other games in the similar vein. The variety of branching paths and places people need to go leading to different endings is a great positive for any game like this. Though there will be a lot of dissenters for this style of game as one would expect but I am glad you kept the discussion primarily to the game and not addressing the large elephant in the room debate and getting sidetracked on it! Made the review feel less like a statement and more like a review which I find a lot of people when talking about this game focus more on that.

    I am hoping that their next outing with Detroit: Become Human can be just as absorbing an experience. If not then I will give my go at The Council and see if that game is the genre gem that people have been saying it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, thank you so much for your kind comment! Second, I’ll just step out, you just did a great review of the game in some lines! I would love to be that good with resuming my thoughts! Really, great comment and you can make a mic drop right there! XD

      Ok~~~ two games added to my want to play list xD I do hope they do a good job with that one too since this type of game just started becoming one of my favourites with heavy rain. I did enjoy Life is Strange, but well… I think we all know the problem with the ending, so Life is Strange was really the one that made me like this kind of emmersive experience XD

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      1. I have yet to play through Life is Strange but it is on the list of games I am binging through my backlog as well as Tales from the Borderland. I hope they get me ready to start going through more of the genre as while I enjoyed the Walking Dead Season 1 & 2 (to varying degrees) I can’t say I was sold. Maybe Life is Strange will also be the one to sell me as well XD

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  4. I really liked this game. It’s fashionable to bash on David Cage’s work, but he does things that very few other creators do in gaming.

    Did you play Beyond: Two Souls? That’s really interesting. If you have the opportunity to play it co-op with someone, I recommend doing so — and don’t tell each other what to do while playing. That makes for a really cool experience. I shan’t spoil it further in case you’re unfamiliar with it and want to go in blind!

    As Otaku Judge said above, Until Dawn is a great game in a similar vein to this, too. It’s more explicitly horrific than thriller, though; it’s very much like an interactive ’90s teen slasher film (think Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer).

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    1. Fashionable and me are two words that really don’t combine, so probably that’s why I didn’t bash on his work ahahah XD

      Nope! It’s going to be my next game after completing all trophies from Resident Evil 7. I only need to finish the game in madhouse and get all the antique coins! I’m really, really, REALLY excited for that game! I actually bought the bundle which comes with heavy rain AND Beyonf Two Souls. But then I got sidetracked with Until Dawn, The Last of Us and Resident Evil >.<

      Yeah, I played it and I loved it! I'm really into horror and it was fresh way to play the genre. And yeah… I'll be reviewing in the close future eheh

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  5. Oooh this seems like “Life is Strange” (I loved that game! Had the same make decisions to change the story type of thing but instead of playing different characters you can travel through time and find clever ways to do that to figure out the mystery) – Im going to look this up! This review makes me want it 🙂

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    1. Yeah it is the same genre! But when it comes to your decisions making an impact on the story is better than Life is Strange 😛 Contrary to Life is Strange which in the end only the final decision matters to the ending, here your decisions throughout the game will really make the difference xD

      Thank you so much! 😀 I think it’s one of the best feelings you can have is when you review a game you love and hear someone tell me that they will try the game out because of what I said *.*

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  6. good review and glad to find people who love this game as well. I’ve read enough negative stuff on this game, and to each their own, but I think it’s a gem and unique experience and always look forward to other experiences like it, whether it be more games from Quantic Dreams, or things like telltales games or even Life is Strange.

    This is a game I’ll probably play again, mostly because I want to treat it like a movie or TV show to watch with my wife. I actually had her try playing but she’s not an experienced gamer and kept getting beat up in the action scenes and a character ended up dying. I had a good laugh from it all but discouraged her. I would say it’s not a game that can be picked up by anybody, as you said, you need to react quickly and in some cases, use spider hands to press what seems like all the buttons at once.

    I think i’ll sit her down with me to play again, but this time I’ll be driving and I’ll have her shout out what I should do, I can see it being a very fun experience that way. If it’s a success, I’ll also get Beyond: Two Souls and run it the same way, and even Detroit when that comes out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I don’t really understand why though… The game was really well made and it’s pretty fun! I’ve also played until dawn and life is strange! Love them both but life is strange doesn’t have the best execution in its ending though x(

      Really? Even when playing in the lowest difficulty? Yeah I remembered when playing the highest difficulty that there were some parts not that easy, but I thought if you played in a easier the method would of course be easier xs

      Oooh that’s really a great way! XD I’ve played while my boyfriend was watching xD although I was the one pulling the shots he always gave his opinion and choices xP it made the game more enjoyable than just playing it alone xD I highly recommend to play these kind if games as a couple xD

      To be honest I’m waiting to get a second controller to play beyond two souls with my boyfriend xD Its just a shame that they are so expensive bah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think my wife had a hard time because when doing actions, there’s alot of reading and the actions spin around the characters, and at the time we had a smaller than that was far from.our couch so I think she simply couldn’t see the words.

        Beyond souls is 2 player???

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah! I can relate to that! It does take some focus to be able to read them all before the time runs out!

        That’s what I was told, but let me check… And yeap… Just confirmed it xD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s awesome!

        After round 2 of heavy rain which I think will be successful, because stories about serial killers is my wife’s thing, the propesct of a 2 player game like this is huge!

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