29 thoughts on “Long Term Collaboration With Mel | Announcement”

  1. I probably stared at that K project picture more than I should have… ahhh Fushimi why to you need to be so hot …. and Yup I would take that case…😍😍

    I’m really excited about this collab !! I feel like I found my lost little brother 😂

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    1. There’s never too much time spent lokking at the K project picture! 😛
      It’s all yours! ^.^

      Ahahahahah! I am too! >.< Well, I feel like I found my lost big sister so we can work it out! XD

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      1. You can do that! Don’t know if your boss will bite that, EVEN if I am your lost little brother! Drop a tear or two and you have a higher chance… Probably! 😀

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  2. This sounds like it will be fun to read as you guys go. I’m going to have to remember this challenge for the next time I know I’m going to be on break from the blog as this one sounds like it will be fun to do.

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    1. Oh thank you so much Karandi! I think the funniest thing will be me trying to talk about the characters since it’s not really something I usually do ahah (And I also don’t want to sound perverted)

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  3. This sounds very interesting, but I might not be of any use here as I have always seen men as men (yup, I’m that dry person if we were to talk about the hottest men at a bar). Yet, this is very interesting and the collaboration is something to look forward to in the upcoming days/weeks 🙂

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    1. You can always pick taking into the account the one who is more interesting for you! 😛 It doesn’t need to be only about the looks… And it’s not supposed to… I am just perverted that’s all xD

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      1. Well, if I had to choose one… I would still have trouble with this but maybe it could work with Shiroe from Log Horizon. As to why, it’s hard to explain but trying to think about it would be he is a bit like myself I guess. Now there might be other factors but I’m still clueless on this sort of thing 🙂

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  4. Oh, men! I love men. All sorts of men. Especially men to ship. I mean… Fuck… I mean, you know what I mean. *shush Lina, shush* Anyway, this is gonna be so much fun to follow. *maybe I should take this challenge. 🤔 It’s hard though, 25 different guys.*

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    1. Loool! We are all a bunch of perverted people, let’s just be honest and go with it ahah
      Of course you should! I think you would do a great job! What is 25 guys? Not that much really XD

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      1. Oh, 25 guys is like nothing in this universe of pervertedness. 😇 Yeah, I am gonna take you up on this. It could be fun.

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