34 thoughts on “It Seems that People Continue Thinking I’m Lovely! <3”

  1. Well deserved award! Plus thanks for nominating me 😱
    You share your birthday with Gaara! I checked this link a while ago but…I don’t know any of the characters I share a birthday with 😅
    Again that gif…it cracks me up every time, lol.
    Great questions! And loved your answers! Keep doing what your doing, you deserve those awards! 😊🤗

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    1. It’s well deserved so no need to thank me xD

      Yeah I’m cool like that 😎 just kidding of course xP oh sorry to hear about that xs see the animes that are in there and then you will know them xD

      Ahahah glad it makes you feel that way! That’s the idea xD

      Thank you~! I’m glad that I’m finally getting on top of them and not feel bad for not answering them xp

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  2. Congratulations on the award! 🙂

    You had a lot of great answers (and curse you for sharing a birthday with Gaara. That’s just not fair lol), but I’m afraid you’ll have to go to Internet jail for your pirate pun. 😛

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  3. Thanks for the lovely words about my blog! Those were some great answers! Can’t believe out of all the people you could be in Arthur’s world you want to be an old magician! 😂😂
    I read those lyrics and went “well obviously!”. They are really wierd!

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    1. Well those are all meaningful so no need to thank me xD thank You for nominating me eheh

      Brains over muscles xD that’s I always say… But thats only because I don’t have any muscle… and now I feel bad 😂

      Yeah! I only heard the music once and I has to go to Google to make sure I heard that right ahah

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      1. You deserved the nomination! 😊

        Agreed there. Brain over muscles always! Lol why do you feel bad about that?

        I bet! That’s a weird thing to put in a song lol

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  4. Congratulations on the award mate, enjoyed reading your answers to the questions given by Keiko. Still, I just finished a major double award and now another one hits me when trying to catch my breath? (sarcasm aside) XD

    Thank you for the nomination though, I will look into answering your questions and have it up later this week.
    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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    1. Nope! You always need to be running and pushing forward xD but seriously you can do it on your term or not even respond it at all xD the idea here is just giving a shot out not making people have more work ahah
      Thank you for your nomination ahah! You too eheh

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