13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Pride”

    1. Oooh thank you! 😳 But let us stay with 3 because I dont want to blush to death ok~? Xp

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and I hope you remember every day how awesome you are!

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  1. Ah, now all the notifications on twitter make sense. Sorry, I wasn’t wading through 80+ nominations this morning to find out what started that.
    Pride is an interesting topic but it is one of those that always seems to be a double edged sword. Too much pride and confidence hinders self-improvement or even the desire to improve or take advice, whereas too little leaves you fairly crippled and unable to act. Finding a balance is needed to try, to act, and then to reflect on how it could be done better and to try again having learned from previous actions, advice of others, and further learning in general.

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    1. Sorry about that… I even started the tag by tagging you so basically you just got all of the notifications xD

      Yeah I’m completely with you! But to be honest I think that the Anime community in here is needing a little more pride/confidence in themselves!

      However I completely agree with you! Too much ego and you stop developing which is really a bad thing x/

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      1. Don’t worry about the tag. The answers were fun to read once I knew where it started. It was more that it mostly happened while I was sleeping so I just woke up to a swarm of notifications and tweets that didn’t have much context.

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  2. Awww Arthifis, you’re really a fuzzy furball of light. Catching up with your old articles, you’re just so smooth at transcribing all things with a spice of positivity!! Just like the topic of pride which people tend to associate it with the negative connotation, you translated it into an emotion that we should use to transform ourselves for the better!
    You know, I’m sure this wordpress community is on its way to ‘enlightenment’ status in no time ^^. ❤

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    1. Ooooh thank you so much! You really just made my day ❤

      I don't even have words to answer to your comment since I feel most of the time that I'm not that great of a writer! It really makes me happy to know that you love my writing that way eheh Thank you so much and I hope this post helps a lot of people ^.^

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