Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World, Collabs

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Fantasy Characters

Oopsie daisy! This post is no longer here! You can read it at our new place Anime Shelter here!

22 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Fantasy Characters”

  1. Such pretty choices. Your post didn’t show in my reader. Neither did Mel’s. 😫 Stupid wp. 😒 Well, I’m having trouble with my choices so my post will take some time.

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    1. Really? WordPress strikes again -.-” Probably that’s why it didn’t have so many people as the last one reading it… Bah… Oh well! XD Can’t wait to read it! (It’s opened in the side tab so it won’t take a lot time until I do ahah)

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      1. There is something fishy going on in the world of the hots boys land…erhm wordpress. 😎 Yeah, but, it is annoying when posts doesn’t show. My reader has been strangely quiet more or less the last week and I am pretty sure people have updated. I wonder if the problem is when people schedule posts? At least many of the posts I don’t see are that (thinking about RossiRoads because those I know come out everyday and I miss a lot of those). Hm?

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      2. ahahahah! 😀 Gonna start calling WordPress the hot boys land from now on! 😀
        I don’t really know! Probably! But I think the error only occurs sometimes (?) Because I schedule all my posts and only some of them really feel that there was a problem xD


  2. Well, I actually watched some Fairy Tail a long time ago, but I’m not much a fan anymore. I can’t remember if I liked Gray or not. I think I mainly liked the more minor male characters. I’ve never watched Touken Ranbu, but that hair is so pretty. Long haired boys are always good. And maybe this will make me finally watch Touken Ranbu…

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  3. I’m going to cheat a bit and go for Hak for this one.
    Not in the options, you say.
    Well too bad!


    Fine, I voted for Gray after all.

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