28 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award | Shine Bright Like a Sunshine!”

  1. I’m adding that Nicholas Flamel books to my TBR because his name sounds familiar (harry potter methink) and because of what you said – one of the best fantasy books you’ve ever read!
    Thank you for the nomination arty-sis! This ‘brightened’ my rather dark day ^_^

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    1. Will love to know what do you think about those! 😀 Yeah, it does have a little bit of harry potter vibe xD It is also one of those that join fantasy with the real world! 😛 And if you are a fan of mythology like me you will just love the books! 😀
      You welcome! I’m happy that I helped! But a little concerned to know that you are having a dark day ;/ Anything you need you know where to find me ^^

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      1. He was the one fr HP who created the sorcerer’s stone! Lol anyway yeah fantasy and mythology is one of my favorite genres too so I’m adding this.
        Thank you. I’m doing fine now but it’s definitely good to hear that ❤

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  2. Oh my god someone remembers the Alchemyst series! Art-san!!
    I used to adore those books a couple of years back! Golden aura that smells like oranges and Silver of Vanilla!
    Oh yay! Wow, I got all excited just thinking about that series~

    Thanks for the nomination Art-san~
    I’m curious as to how that burger would taste…..

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    1. Finally I found a reader of the Alchemyst series! We were already friends, now we are just best friends!!!!

      No problem! You deserve it eheh Well… I don’t really know, but probably the same as all others since the flavour is in the sauce and not the burguer itself ahah

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