24 thoughts on “People Continue to Think I’m Neat? Oo”

  1. Hello neat person! 🤗 Arthifis, your words were so kind!!! See this is why you deserve this award! Neat neat neat. It doesn’t matter that you have a pile of iron work in the house, you are still awesome! My boyfriend does all of the laundry so I am very lucky with that 😂

    I have been absent lately but no fear, I am here! Work is very busy at the moment, but I do still read the blogs! (A two week holiday is coming up so I will be posting again soon 😊).

    Thabk you for liking the questions! I loved your answers! The cheetah is beautiful! And spaghetti (and pizza) is yum! And you chose Hermione! I love the Harry Potter books 😍💖

    Hope you have great day! Take care!

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    1. That’s the thing! I’m the one who does the laundry at my house ahah

      That’s a bummer! I’ll be looking forward to that 2 weeks holiday then xD But, don’t forget also to rest eheh

      They were really fun to anser eheh! Glad you enjoyed my answers as well eheh

      Thank you, you too ^.^


  2. Long live spaghetti!
    About that island question – wouldn’t a phone ensure a way to contact for help? Though the rations sound delicious. Could they be spaghetti rations?
    And yeah, thanks for the nomination! Some of the questions seem to be quite hard though. Well, all the better.

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    1. Spaghetti rations… Don’t know why, but that just sounds wrong xD Hmmm, that an intelligent thought! I completely disregarded that and thought I couldn’t really make any contact with other people xD
      No problem! You deserve it! They are? Sorry about that :S

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    1. Thank you~! No problem, you deserve it!!! 😀
      I think it wouldn’t really have any benefit for me, learning japanese I mean, but it would be a lot of fun ahah!


  3. Kinda late but, Congrats on the award and thank you for the nomination! I wonder how it feels to read hieroglyphs… Nah, let’s just eat spaghetti.

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