10 thoughts on “Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Double Kill!”

  1. How did Pikachu make it to the finals? There is so much wrong with that.
    This was great fun to read mind you and I’m kind of glad Lelouch isn’t in the finals given he isn’t exactly a dynamic fighter, but Pikachu taking Nice out kind of hurts.

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    1. Well, Pikachu was able to be in the right place in the right time 😀 Wrong or not, let me tell you… Pikachu didn’t receive any vote to die in this episode! So, people really seem to like him! xD

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      1. I know. It is one of those fandoms I don’t really understand because he kind of looks like a yellow rat to me, but I get lots of people love Pikachu. And I loved how you used the environment and the characters to create a plausible story where this might happen. I’m still kind of devastated that Pikachu killed Nice.

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