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Resident Evil 7 Review, Not For The Fainthearted | Horror April

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

Let me start this post by telling you my new series for the gaming part of the blog! April ends next week (God, time flies!!!!) and with that, the Horror April series also finish. This way I’m need of a new series to the gaming side!

What I’m going to do is a “Should you play ____ in 2018” and review classic games from the PS1 and PS2! 😀 This idea comes from not being able to finish games fast enough to put content weekly xD So, sometimes, instead of an old game I will just review a more recent one that I’ve just played in my PC or PS4!

However, today we are still in April and it’s time to review a new horror game!!! This time a way more recent one:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 review.jpg


Compared to a RPG for example you wouldn’t say that Resident Evil 7 has a great story, but only taking into account Horror Games it is a nice one! Not an excellent one, but it does have its plot twists that makes the playthrough enjoyable.

In Resident Evil 7 you follow a guy called Ethan. He receives a message from his wife who is believed to be dead for 3 years. Due to his love, Ethan decides to left everything behind and travel to the place where she said she was being held captive. He does find his wife Mia. However she is not the same person he knew. She seems to be a little lunatic and after a while she attacks him and tries to kill Ethan.

Resident Evil 7 review mia.jpg
Clearly not as Ethan remembers her wife

Without other possibility Ethan ends up killing her life in self-defense, I mean she is attacking him with a saw machine! However, he ends up being caught by the home’s family and also held captive inside the house. One thing is guaranteed, this is not your typical American family and something really wrong is happening at this house.

The story starts with you trying to flee from the house. However, while doing so you will be asked from a unknown girl who says that is the family daughter to get the parts needed to cure her and his wife from this strange disease they seem to have that makes them go rampant and kill everyone.

Resident Evil 7 review dinner.jpg

To be honest, I liked the story. It is completely different from anything I’ve played in the Resident Evil series (never played 5 or 6 so maybe the plot has been used before). Yes, there are some sort of zombies, but way more intelligent and with a complete different origin from the previous installments.


From the very first time ever Resident Evil 7 went with the first person view instead of a third one in a main installment! There are some spin offs or something like that where you do have a first person view. Contrary to those, they did a good job with this one!

I don’t really play first person games, so I struggled a bit at the beginning. But after passing the game twice (I’m in my third one know) I got used to it. I can’t really compare that much with other games since I didn’t play it, but I think it’s well executed. The controls are responsive and it’s easy to make the character do what you want him to do. That’s really important when you are trying to run away!

Resident Evil 7 review gameplay.gif

Contrary to let’s say, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, you don’t have as many zombies to kill throughout the game, but these ones are way more difficult to kill than those. Moreover, there is way more bosses in this one!

As the previous installments, this is a survivor horror game and that means you will have low supplies and low ammo. However, you can forge ammo and health kits as the previous installments.

Scariness Level

Resident Evil 7 review scariness Rating.jpg

I actually commented about this on Twitter when I was playing this game. Resident Evil is NOT for the fainthearted in any kind of away!

They were able to put all the components needed to have you passing the game with red alert on all the time! To be honest, even in my third playthrough I found myself getting scared again and again. You will feel the anxious feeling of wondering what is coming next, the scare jumps and the “Let me just get me out of here right now” feeling. Basically, it’s the full package!

Resident Evil  Scariness Level.gif
Oh! Hello there!


Resident Evil 7 must be the easiest game when it comes to puzzles. (Unless you count Last of Us as a survival horror). There is not really any kind of puzzle for you to solve that will make you think more than 5 minutes.

Throughout the game the puzzles you will have are just getting items and putting them in some place or using the shadow of statuettes to make the form you want. I think there is only one that you could say it has some kind of challenge to it since it makes you do an array of 4-5 steps to be able to finish it. However, even that one is not really that difficult! Not saying which one is because spoilers 😛

Resident Evil 7 Shadow Puzzle.jpg
It’s an eagle!

However, for you to kill the bosses throughout the game you will have to have some strategies and they are not always having with shotting in head!


Ambience is where this game really shines the most.

First you have the lack of luminosity. This time not because of the PS capabilities as Silent Hill. They decided that you would have parts where you can’t really see much around you. The house does not have electricity in some parts making your flashlight the only source of light. This makes you to be in red alert all the time, especially when you are playing it for the first time and don’t really know where are you putting yourself into.

Resident Evil 7 review environment.jpg
Hope you like dolls!

More than that, the background music / sounds are also really well done! You will have the tense music in the right times and let’s say hearing planks of wood creaking at random times does not help in a bit! Moreover, you also have the jump scares that you are not even in the slightest expecting! There’s not even a hint when it is going to happen!

resident Evil 7 review scary.gif
L’Oréal Paris because you deserve it!

In conclusion, everything is executed superbly in Resident Evil 7 and even for the ones who are used to horror (like myself) will be a trip of jump scares and feeling anxious for what is going to happen next.

I give Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 review Rating.jpg

Resident Evil 7 is without a doubt the scariest game I’ve ever played. It is true that having a first person point of view will make you get scared easily. However, that is only capable to be done with a great environment, timing and music! I can’t even think how this game should be when you play it with VR!

If you love horror get this game and play it! I highly recommend it! If you are not that fond of horror, well, this game is not for you xD

Have you played Resident Evil 7? Tell me what you think about it! I always love to read your points of view! 😀

resident evil 7 review mia

See You Soon! 😀

12 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7 Review, Not For The Fainthearted | Horror April”

  1. “I can’t even think how this game should be when you play it with VR!”
    I said similar in my review. It was so well put together that I honestly think that playing it in VR might be a terrible idea in terms of getting scared.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw the title and I just had to read! I absolutely loved Resident Evil 7 and I think it was really well done. I am happy that the horror aspect did it’s job for you and that you enjoyed it as well! I think that if this game had polished surround-sound for headphone users it would definitely be the tip of the iceberg!
    I watched the YouTuber Markiplier (as well as JackSepticEye) play this game, as well as the extra content it offered, and Mark did play it quite thoroughly so that was rather satisfying and I was happy he appreciated and enjoyed the game, all jokes aside. Not only is the horror aspect good, but the story is well put. Most horrors, despite being good, lack in the reasoning behind going into a creepy house and basically looking for death or lack a nicely wrapped-up ending. RE7 is definitely a good game and one of my favorites for horror.
    If you are keen for older games, on Xbox or PS3, I would recommend ‘Dead Space’ if you haven’t played it. There are some good jump-scares and playing it alone can be rather creepy, and if you enjoy the first Dead Space, there are two sequels (Dead Space 2 and then 3). Although the horror aspect may turn into a more action type of game in the last Dead Space, I would still definitely recommend!
    Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve played the game on my PS4 with the sound coming from the TV so I don’t really had those issues, but I understand what you want to say, shame they did not work that out the fullest :S

      Yeah, completely agree with you! I do think the game ends up being scarier if you have a kind of believeble plot to why are you in that place and so on! Only because it’s easier for you to think that it could happen in real life!

      I am keen of older games… But I don’t own either a Xbox neither a PS3 though :S Have to see if the game was brought to pc or if it is in the PSN! Thank you for the recommendation since the game really seems to be great and what I like from a horror game! 😛

      Thank you!

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  3. Great review! Resident Evil 7was also one of the scariest horror games I’ve ever played (that Marguerite boss fight gave me a massive jump scare when you fight her in the greenhouse xD). Have you tried playing the game on Madhouse difficulty yet? That’s RE7 for masochists xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahah Yeah, in my first playthrough I had the same problem as you with Marguerite!

      Yeah, I’m playing it right now to make the last trophies! Have to get those 100% ahah xD Completely agree with you! The game is HARD!

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